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Human Right Advances

Stack 1-Canada to WWI

What showed great discrepancy between the rich and poor? Laurier era
Labour Unions began to form between which two dates? 1880-1910
How were protests and strikes put down? Violence
Where were the worst protests and strikes? British Columbia
What did unions fight for? Better working conditions and fair pay
How many miners were arrested because of the Dunsmuir strikes? 179
Who had to put down the Dunsmuir strikes? Prov. Militia
Why did unions begin to resent immigrants? Because they came in to Canada and undermined and worked for less wages.
What was the name of the Minister of the Interior who started the "open door" policy Clifford Sifton
Who replaceed Sifton and in what year? Frank Oliver, 1905
What specific groups of immigrants were targeted? Asian
Where and when did riots break out and damge Japanese and Chinese buisnesses? Vancouver, 1907
What was the limit put on Japanese immigrants per year? 400
What group of people could not be denied entry into Canada? Indians (from India)
What rule was put in place to prevent Indians coming to Canada as immigrants? Continuous Passage Rule
What were most women still doing in the 1900's for work? Taking care of huge families and doing household jobs
What percent of Women held university degrees? 15%
What is a suffragist and what did they want? A woman fighting for the right to vote, they wanted Social reform
Many suffragists were members of what organization? Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WCTU)
What was WCTU fighting for? Prohibition
What was a nickname given to members of the WCTU? Maternal Feminists
What was the worldwide movement often resulting in Violence called? Enfranchisement
Who led the hungers strikes in the U.K.? Emmeline Pankhurst
Who led the hunger strikes in the U.S? Susan B. Anthony
What three provinces gave women the right to vote in 1916? Sask. Alberta and Manitoba
What year did Ontario and B.C give women the right to vote? 1917
What occured in 1918? Federal Enfranchisement
Who was thet last province and what year did they give women the right to vote? Quebec, 1940
Who was the Canadian woman famous for fighting for Womans rights? Nellie McClung
Where was she from? Manitoba
What was her profession? Teacher
What did she use to win over supporters? Wit and Humour
Where did she move and why? Alberta, to work on enfranchisement there
What did Nellie McClung become a symbol of? Womens Movement
How were native groups doing at the turn of the century? They were struggling
The natives wanted to retain their territory based on what? Royal Proclamation of 1763
In what years did the Allied tribes of B.C reject a motion by the government? 1916
After the natives rejected the governments plans what happened? The requirement for native consent was removed
Where were the native land issues brought up? Nisga'a land claim dispute
What 2 things were the Nisga'a given? Self governing rights and Financial settlement
Created by: tashabelle