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ch 6

chapter 6

sailed to the cape of good hope to india vasco de gama
discovered the americas columbus
wrote many letters describing his voyages to the new world amerigo vespucci
the english seized it and renamed it new york new netherlands
the pattern of trade that connected europe, africa, asia and the american continents triangular trade
this society produced more slaves than practically any other on the african continent ido
known to europeans as the spice islands mollucas
african slaves supplied labor for these sugarcane plantations
controlled spice islands until driven out by the dutch portuguese
formed the east india company and west india company dutch
southern coast of west africa gold coast
established a line of demarcation between spanish and portuguese territories treaty of tordesillas
vietnam seaman who explored the coastline of new england john cabot
the right of spanish settlers to use native americans as laborers encomienda
the journey of slaves from africa to america the middle passage
king of congo afonso
african society that was ruined because of slave trade benin
english influence on the spice market was reduced to a single port located here sumatra
dutch established a fort here in 1619 Java
who sponsored herman cortes' voyage spain
who sponsored vasco de gama's voyage portugal
who sponsored columbus' spain
who sponsored john cabot england
who sponsored francisco pizarro spain
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