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General Anatomy Wk 1

In Meiosis? The daughter cells have half the number of chromosomes
In Mitosis, the gametes have... ? Full number of chromosomes as parent cells.
Two general types of cells? Somatic and sex cells.
What are the two sex cells? Sperm cells and ovum
Sex cells undergo? Both meiosis and mitosis
Somatic cells undergo? Only mitosis.
What happens during prophase of mitosis? There is a condensation and coiling of the chromosomes, becoming thicker, like a spring.
What happens during metaphase? All 46 chromosomes are lining up along equatorial plane. The chromosomes are already double stranded with sister chromatids.
In meiosis 1, there is a --- pairing of the chromosomes, which is called ----? (during prophase, prior to metaphase) homologous (23 pairs), synapses
At the end of meiosis 1, the cells become ___? diploid
At the second meiotic division, the chromosome is ____? split apart into single stranded (haploid)
In the spermatogonium, they undergo several ___ divisions. Meiotic
The primary spermatocyte undergoes ____? The first meiotic division.
All 46 chromosomes are ____ stranded at this point? Double
It results in ___ double stranded chromosomes? 23
Then the ____ will have 23 double standed chromosomes? The secondary spermatocyte
Then the secondary spermatocyte will result in __ __ __ chromosomes? 23 single stranded
The resulting cells after secondaryu meiotic division, leads to production of the __? spermatid
the transformation of the spermatid to a spermatoza is called ???? Spermatogenesis
What is the primary egg cell called? Ovum
What is the creation of the ovum called? OOgenesis
The primary oocyte has __ xx in primary follicle? 46
What starts the production of the ovum? FSH
There is an unequal distrubution of ___? cytomplasm
This leads to only ONE of the daughter cells having ___? nuclear material
This is called ___ ? The first polar body.
The other cell has all of the __? cytoplasm
Then, second meiotic division, becomes the __? OOcyte
this produces ___? another polar body
One primary sermatocyte yields __ spermatoza? 4
One oocyte produces __ ovum because of ___ 1, unequal distribution of cytoplasm
The follicular cells produces primarily __ and some __ thru stimulation of __? estrogen, progesterone, FSH
About 14th day of menstral cycle, sudden spike of __, triggering __ to get expelled from ovaries, called ---? LH, follicle, ovulation
After 2ndary oocyte division, undergoes ---,---,---,? prophase, metaphase, stops here. (unless fertilized by sperm cell) called diplotein stage; when oocyte dev is suspended at metaphase, proceding into anaphase and telephase after fertilization only
Which sex cell determines the sex? The sperm cell
Before puberty, seminiferous tubules are still __? solid
During puberty, it becomes __? hollow
Prenatally, have about __, then at puberty ___, then less than __ get ovulated? 700k-2mm, 400k, 500
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