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Chapter 2 AP world

Questions and answers

Burial ceremonies were very important to all of the cultures described in this chapter. Compare the burial practices of different regions, and explain how burial monuments help us interpret early civilizations. Most religious would sacrifice animals and humans to the gods. They believed in an afterlife that’s why when there kings were buried they would be sent with all their belongings were they would need all their materials for the afterlife
What was the importance of the Mandate of Heaven in the transition from the Shang to the Zhou period? The Mandate of Heaven claimed that king would have the back of the gods, but only as long as they were wise and guardians of the people. Incompetent or unfit rulers—as the Shang had supposedly been—would have the Mandate withdrawn and be replaced.
The Warring States Period was a time of political and social change in China. How do Daoism and Confucianism reflect these changes? Confucius developed a doctrine of duty and public service that became the most influential philosophy in China. Confucius combined ancestor worship and the assumption that hierarchy is the natural order of the universe. He emphasized that everyone in soci
Briefly discuss the impact of geography on the development of the Americas. Use specific examples from Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations. For fifteen thousand years, people of the Americas lived in isolation from the rest of the world. This isolation distinguishes American development from the world’s other major cultural regions. They had to face the challenges of their environment
According to the chapter, why was China's development unique? Its was separated or isolaed from all of the closest regions either by mountains or desert so their culture didn’t relate to any of the other ones.
Loess was yellowish-brown dust
The Chinese acquired silk by raising silkworms on mul-berry trees, then carefully unraveling their cocoons to produce silk thread
What does the practice of feng shui accomplish? symbolized the order imposed by gods and monarchs
The first writing in China that has survived was Pictograms pictures representing objects and concepts and phonetic symbols representing the sounds of syllables combined to form a complex system of hundreds of signs
During the Shang period, ancestor worship became important because They believed that these ancestors were intensely interested in the fortunes of their descendants and had special influence with the gods.
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