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5th Grade

The Southeast Facts

Capital of Alabama Montgomery
Capital of Arkansas Little Rock
Capital of Florida Tallahassee
Capital of Georgia Atlanta
Capital of Kentucky Frankfort
Capital of Lousiana Baton Rouge
Capital of Mississippi Jackson
Capital of North Carolina Raligh
Capital of South Carolina Columbia
Capital of Tennessee Nashville
Capital of Virginia Richmond
Capital of West Virginia Charleston
Total area of the South East 533,091 miles
State with the largest area Georgia
State with the smallest area South Carolina, 31,055 sq miles
Total population 65,076,000
State with largest population Florida, 14,653,000
State with the smallest population West Virginia
Major land areas Appalachian Mtn, Appalachian Plateau, Atlantic Costal Plain, Blue Ridge Mtns, Gulf Coastal Plain, Interior Low Plateau, Ouachita Mtsn, OZark Plateau, Piedmont
Lowest Point New Orleans (5 ft below sea level)
Highest Point Mount Mitchell in North Carolina
Major Rivers Alabama River, Altamaha River, Arkansas River, Chattahoochee River, Flint River, Kentucky River, Mississippi River, Mobile River, Ohio River, Pearl River, Potomac River, Red River, Roanoke River, Sabine River, Sabahhah River, Tennessee River & Tombigbee R
Major body of Water Albemarle Sound, Chesapeak Bay, Guntersville Lake (artificial), Kentucky Lake (artificial), Kerr Reservoir, Lake Cumberland, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Ouachita, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Seminole, Mobile Bay, Pamlico Sound, Roanoke Rapids (artificial)
Climate in Jan January average 33 degrees farenhight
Climate in West Virginia and Florida Virginia is 67 and 19 c in Florida
Resources, industries and products Textiles, chemicals, paper products, furniture, processed foods, electrical equiptment, ship building, coal, iron, oil, natural gas
Other Resources Industries and products lumber, cattle, poultry, dairy products, cotton, soy beans, peanuts, corn, apples, rice, sugarcane, tomoatoes
Trees Ash, bald cyprus, bay, beech, fir, gum, hickory, maple, oak, pine, spruce, tulip and palm
Animals alligators, bears, beavers, bobcats, deer, Florida panthers, foxes, minks, muscrats, opossums, rabbits, skunks, squirrels, weasels, hogs, turkeys and woodchucks.
Created by: atwilley
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