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Unit 1 AP US History

Unit 1 Vocab for AP US History

old world diseases diseases that were in Europe before explorers and conquerers expanded to the New world and brought these diseases with them; influenced the dramatic decrease in Native American population
treaty of tordesillas (1494) agreed upon by the spanish and portuguese; portugal was allowed to colonize and trade with lands to the east of a line drawn from greenland to the mouth of the amazon river and spain to the west of this line
robert de la salle french explorer who explored the great lakes region of the us and canada, the mississippi river, and the gulf of mexico; claimed mississippi river basin for france
queen elizabeth I queen of england and ireland from 1558 until 1603; 5th and last monarch of tudor dynasty; her rule is referred to as the Elizabethan era; also known as the virgin queen thus providing the name for the first colony of Virginia
sir walter raleigh english courtier who tried to colonize virginia; introduced potatoes and tobacco to england
joint stock companies a private trading company that sold shares to investors at a low risk; provided the financial means to colonize the new world
virginia company of london an english joint stock company established by a royal charter by james I of england in 1606 with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in north america
jamestown, VA (1607) settlement in Virginia in 1607 that was the first permanent english settlement in north america; financed by the virginia company of london
capt. john smith english explorer who helped found the settlement at jamestown; said to have been saved by pocahontas
john rolfe 1st successful cultivation of tobacco as an export crop in virginia and the husband of pocohontas which brought 8 yrs of peace between indians and colonists
james oglethorpe founder of colony of georgia after a grant from king george II; the colony had two main purposes: to serve as a place where debtors in prison could go to start anew and it served as a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida
iroquois confederacy an alliance of 5 northeastern indian peoples that made decisions on military and diplomatic issues through a council of representatives
church of england (1530s) established in 1534 after king henry VIII was excommunicated from the roman catholic church for divorcing his first wife and remarrying; it became the state church and was open to all english citizens
puritans a group of english protestants of the late 16th and 17th centuries who regarded the reformation of the church of england under elizabeth as incomplete and sought to regulate and simplify forms of worship
pilgrims members of a puritan separatist sect that left england in the early 1600s to settle in the americas
mayflower compact 1st governing doc in new world; written by the pilgrims of plymouth colony while on the mayflower that brought them from eng to new world; was created b/c they were blown off course and didnt land inside the VA charter; the original doc no longer exists
john winthrop led a group of english puritans to form the mssachusetts bay colony in 1630
congregational church a protestant denomination holding that each individual congregation should be self governing
john cotton leading figure among first generation puritans in massachusetts
anne hutchinson (1638) had public discussion about religion in MA & was therefore excommunicated; moved to RI
Roger Williams colonist who was expelled from MA for criticizing puritanism; founded Rhode island in 1663 with a royal charter
rhode island founded by roger williams for religious and political tolerance
pequot war (1637) an armed conflict between an alliance of MA bay and plymouth colonies with native american allies against the pequot tribe; won by the colonists
king phillip's war (1675-1676) the 1st large scale military action in the american colonies; indians bond to fight puritans and last a while before they run outta supplies
new england confederation (1643) a political and military alliance of english colonies of MA, plymouth, new haven, and connecticut
dominion of new england (1683) centralized government imposed upon the new england colonies by england in 1686 as a result of the restoration monarchy's need for control and renewed colonial interests
Navigation laws a series of laws that restricted the use of foreign shipping for trade between England and its colonies which started in 1551
Dutch east India company a dutch trading company interests in the Indian ocean; dissolved in 1779
New netherland (1623-1624) a dutch colony in north America along the Hudson and lower deleware rivers although the colony centered in new Amsterdam; annexed by english in 1664
Society of friends/ “Quakers” a Christian sect founded by george fox about 1660; settled mainly in middle colonies
William penn english entrepeneur who founded the province of Pennsylvania, the english north American colony and the future state; was a quaker
Indentured servants a migrant to the british colonies in the americas who paid for passage by agreeing to work for a set term ranging from 4 to 7 yrs; usually died before the end of their term or were left landless after the term
Bacon’s rebellion (1676) an uprising in the VA colony led by Nathaniel Bacon, a wealthy planter, to support the previously indentured servants who were being pushed to the frontier and were facing conflicts with the indians
“middle passage” the forcible passage of African people from Africa to the new world as part of the atlantic slave trade
slave codes laws enacted which defined the status of slaves and the rights of masters
half-way covenant a form of partial church membership created by New England in 1662 after membership started declining; granted a half membership to sons of current members
salem witch trials (1692) proceedings for alleged witchraft held in salem, MA in 1692; 19 people hanged
glorious revolution the overthrowing of king james II of England by a union of parliamentarians with an invading army led by the dutch William of orange
pueblo revolt (Pope’s) uprising of many pueblo people against Spanish colonization of America
stono rebellion slave uprising in south Carolina in 1739; suppressed by officials
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