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History Vocab

Study for history quiz

Judaism term that refers to religous beliefs of Israelists-who lived over 3,000 years ago-believed in 1 god, and values of ten commandments
Christianity Religion began by Jesus over 2,000 years ago, includes many Jewish traditions, taught people everlasting life through salvation
Pueblos above ground houses made of clay called Adobe-built by Native Americans of Southwestern U.S.
Direct Democracy Each citizen votes on every issue, ideas are debated at assembly of all citizens.
Republic Citizens elect representataives to vote on issues, ideas are debated at assembly of represantatives
Crusades Long series of wars in late 1000's European Christians and Muslims in Southwest Asia
Islam Religion of Muslims, a monotheistic faith revealed through prophet muhhammed. Follows laws of Quian.
Totems Images of ancestors or animal spirits, often carved into tall, wooden poles by N.A.
Renaissance Rebirth or revival of art, literature, and science in the 14th-16th centuries
Monotheism Belief in one god.
Feudalism System of promises between lords and vassals
Teepees Cone-shaped shelters made of buffalo skins used by the N.A.'s in the Plains Region
Serf a laborer found under the federal system to work on the lord's land
Matrilineal People who traced their ancestry through their mothers.
Joint-Stock Company Business formed by a group of people who jointly make an investment and share in profits and losses.
Black Death a series of plagues that killed about 25 million people in Europe starting in 1347
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