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Hell Yea

Bible Holy book of Christianity Old and New Testament
Roman Catholic Church Branch of Christianity, leader pope, capitol Rome
Jesus son of god
Peter First Apostle spread teachings of jesus
Paul apostle wrote several Epistles helped spread christianity
Constantine Roman emperor who accepted Christianity
Crucifixion Symbol of Christianity
Apostles 12 closest followers of Jesus
Protestant A christian who belonged to non Catholic churches
Disciple Any professed follower of christ in his lifetime
Icon A religious image used in eastern orthadox churches
Messiah saviour
Prophet One who speaks with divine intervention
Theology the study of god and his relationship with the universe
Eastern Orthadox Church A body of christians whose origins extend back through unbroken apostolic succession encompassing Greek and Russian Orthadox
Byzantine Empire Greek speaking Roman empire during the middle ages capital Constantinople
Gaul Rome controlled modern day France,Belgium,and Luxembourg lasted 600 yrs.
Theodosius the last ruler of the united roman empire known for making chrisianity the official religion of the roman empire
Martyr A person who dies for his faith
Patriarch Highest ranking bishop in eastern orthadox church
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