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de verbs

French verbs which take de before the definite article

s'agir de to be a question of
s'approcher de to approach
s'apercevoir de to notice
avoir besoin de to need
avoir envie de to want
changer de (trains) to change (trains)
dépendre de to depend on
douter de to doubt
s'emparer de to grab
s'étonner de to be amazed by
féliciter de to congratulate
jouer de to play (a musical instrument)
jouir de to enjoy
manquer de to lack
se méfier de to distrust
se moquer de to make fun of
s'occuper de to be busy with
partir de to leave
se passer de to do without
penser de to have an opinion about
se plaindre de to complain about
profiter de to make the most of
punir de to punish for
récompenser de to reward for
remercier de to thank for
se rendre compte de to realize
rire de to laugh at
servir de to put to use as
se servir de to use
se soucier de to care about
se souvenir de to remember
tenir de to take after, resemble
se tromper de to mistake
vivre de to live on...
Created by: chris_uk_83