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N. B. Arts

Questions to help prepare for the Arts proctor for the National Board Exams

a funeral rite that in essence is devoid of religious connotation is known as humanistic
which of the following is a "must behavior"? more
a funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of those involved is known as adaptive
the method by which the values of a given society are learned and internalized by its members best defines socialization
a joint family is always patriarchal
a family in which the governance of power is shared by both the man and woman is referred to as egalitarian
a behavior an individual must abstain from defines a taboo
social customs which may be broken without serious consequence are known as folkways
the attitude that all groups or cultures are equal and important is known as cultural relativism
in a nuclear family, when the spouse dies, the surviving spouse: raises the children alone
a joint family would most likely be found in which of the following settings rural
In which of the following family units does the father rule? patriarchal
the taharah, as performed by the chevra kadisha, is an example of a: ritual
an expected behavior pattern enforced by those governing is a law
which of the family types traditionally practices patriarchal governance? joint
when family members differ on funeral arrangement options, the sensitive funeral director: sumarizes, offers options, and encourages agreement
A reaction to death that may be reduced by viewing the body is denial
the first secular funeral director in the western world was litibinarius
Cremation first gained widespread acceptance and practice in ancient greece
the romanfuneral was typically carried out by public officials and paid secular functionaries
thekeep down th cost of funerals in he middle ages people often formed burial clubs
the man generally credite with the term "father of bacteriology" was anthony von leeuwehoek
a man named chadwick issued a landmark report and supplement after three years of study. The report discused the deplorable conditions in english cemeteries
the man who translated Jean Gannal's history of embalming in 1834 and thereby made embaling available to the american public was Dr. Richard Harlan
an above-ground structure containing crypts for casketed remains is a mausoleum
the agency resposible for production, administration, and integrity of the National Board Examination is the INternational Converence of funeral service examining boards
the first major attempt to establish requirements, test, and licenses for embalmers in the united states was order concening embalmers
the agency charged with eveloping curriculum and accreditation standards for funeral service educational programs in the United States is the american board of funeral service education
Dr. Thomas Holmes is credited with the 19th century dvelopment of chemical embalming
in ancient egypt, to prepare a body for burial, it was immersed in natron
in Egyptian embaling practice, canopic jars were used to store viscera
the author of "the undertaker's manual", the first book published specifically as an embalming terxtbook in the united states, was Dr. Auguste Renouard
Carl rogers is well known for his work in humanistic therapy, which is also known as client centered therapy
a person who expresses anxiety and discomfort while attending a visitation at a funeral home is most ikely expriencing a/an conditioned response
which of the following is a derminant of grief? concurrent stresses
the evet of a loss is bereavement
the defense mechanism by which a person refuses to see things as they are because such facts are threatening to the ego is called denial
according to Bowlby, attachments comve from a need for safety and security
affect is synonymous with emotion
the process of incorporating a loss into one's life is known as mourning
blame directed outward is the definition of anger
blame directed inward is the definition of guilt
psychology is defined as the study of human behavior
crying would be an example of a/an external response to an emotion
blame percieved to be directed at the self from others best defines shame
suicide resulting from a hopeless situation fatalistic
the funeral rite satisfies all of the following needs of the survivors except stress
an emotion charaterized by sudden and extreme fear is panic
in the early stages of developing a counseling relationship, it is important for the couselor to be nonjudgmental
directive counseling is also known as active
which of the following acts of mourning is to experience the pain of loss second
using specialized techniques to help people with abnormal grief is known as grief therapy
Carl Rogers is most frequently associated with unconditional positive regard
the state of being preented from attaining a goal best defines frustration
client-centered counseling is also known as non-directive
helping people to facilitate uncomplicated grief to a healthy completion of the tasks of grieving within a reasonable time frame best defines: grief counseling
which of the following typse of death would allow for anticipatory grief to occur? AIDS
which religious sect requests the use of the words "passed on" rather than "died or deceased" in the death notice of the obituary? christian scientist
the casket used in a jewish orthodox funeral service is called a/an aron
under what condition ca a veteran's burial benefit be paid directly to the funeral home? if a funeral home can demonstrate that a veteran's funeral bill is unpaid
at the conclusion of a greek orthodox funeral service, te conregation will pss by the casket and kiss the icon
a general term designating a place suitable for the reception of a dead human body is a/an tomb
the decedent's social security number is required to be entered on a/an death certificate
a peech about the character of a deceased person at the funeral service is known as a/an eulogy
a funeral procession is also known as a cortege
an unsoliceted gift to a clergyman is called a/an honorarium
a veteran's grave marker can be obtained by making application to the veteran administration
the proper terminology for the placeing of crmated remains into a final container is inurnment
when placing the casket on th lowering device, the casket bearers should grasp what protion of the handle? bar
traditionally, the name given to a symbolic cloth covering placed over the casket is a/an pall
a protestant church designed so that the pulpit is centered in the sanctuary is called non-liturgical
the united states flag that accompanies the body of a deceased military person sould be presented to the surviving spouse or next of kin
a mournful oem or song of lamentation for the dead is a/an elegy
the main body o the church where seating is provid is the nave
an altar attendant is called a/an acolyte
the person who presides at the funeral service for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the bishop of the ward
embalming is usually not practiced by the jewish orthodox
a cross with the image of the body of Christ superimposed is a crucifix
which one of the folowing would not be consistent with christian science service church funeral
a monument which is erected to the memory of the dead, but containing no remains is a/an cenotaph
any rate of interest above the maximum rate allowable by law is usury
theparty whomaes an offer is called the offeor
the pary who is sued in a civil suit is known as the defendant
the doctrine of stare decisis is concerned with case law
the term that is used when all the terms of a contract have been fully performed by the contrcting parties is execute
a business tha is owned by one person is clasified as a sole proprietorship
false statements made in writing for the purpose of injuiring the reputation of another constitue libel
personal property permanently attached to land is known as a fixture
which of the following terms describes a sale in which the buyer, so long as the buyer is not in efault, has a right to possession before payment in full is made? conditonal sale
a contract to keepan offer open for a specified period of tie suppored by consideration is called a/an option
the person appointed by a court to oversee an estate is the administrator
in law, a relationship of trust is expressed by the term fiduciary
an intoxicated person makes a contract. It is: voidable
the branch of th elaw which deals with the rules of codut and actions governng a mortician during his legal relations wth the public is: mortuary law
a private or civil wrong whose cause is intentional or caused by negligence for which ther may be action or damages is a tort
a notice of complaint given to a defendant defining the complaint and a time frame in whic an answer must be received as a/an summons
an intentional statement or false factsupon which an injured partyrelied in a decision to enter into a contrac, to their detriment is fraud
the method of removing one's free will in makeing a decidion by threats to do physical harm to the person, his family , or property is duress
unauthorized embaming may be viewed by the court as which type of violation? mutilation
of the following, who has the primary right to control final disposition of a body: adult son, cousin, creditor, or state? adult son
if there is no will, the property and holdins of a decease person will be distributed according to law and an administrator/personal representatvie will be appointed by the court
in legal terminology, a dead human body is considered quasi-property
personal effects and clothin gof the deceased are bst ccounted for by using a/an personal effets form
a good business technique in funeral arrangements is to have a written contract
the next of kin who delivers the personal effects of the deceased to the fuenral director is properly termed a bailor
stte regulatin of fneral services for the health and wefare of citizens is an exampe of a state's police power
a dead human body is not property in a real sense
the funeral director who has physical possession of a dead human body is said to have actual custody
in a cortege, drivers who are under the control of the funeral director are legally referred to as agent drivers
although a dead body is in one mortuary, the mortuary whihc has control of the final disposition s said to have consructive custody
the feeral trade commission does not require a/an disclaimer
as a funeral director, the only people you should inform, iven if asked, that the deceased has an infectious disease are appropriate members of your staff
the FTC funeral rule requies that the general price list contain all of th efollowing except the reason for embalming
the state requres the funeral home to pay 4% sales tax on merchandise. prices are 2000 services, 2250 casket, ad 1600 vault. how much sales tax does the funneral director pay the state? 154.00
the topmost part of the casket is the cap
the purchasing, pricing, display, and sale of the product is known a merchandising
a metal that is said to be ferrous is also known as iron
another term for the exendover is the valance
a term which refrs to the lug on a casket is the escutcheon
similar to the full couch perfection cut, this csket contains no inner foot panel, however, a blanket is used to cver the lower portion of the dead. eternity bed
this wood is light in texture, non-resistant,and easily worke. itcomes from a conifer tree softwood
this wood is composed of thin sheets of wod glued together so tht grains are at right angels to eachother plywood
this metal is malleable, ductile, and has a reddish-brown color copper
the price increents between casket prics, when arranded in order of thei increasing value, is called the price: progression
an exterior material covering a casket wit a raised design above the surface is said to be embossed
the demension of a particular steel calsket are 6'6" long and 23" wide. a casket invoices as 6'6"XX would be how many inches wide? 27
Which of the following is classified as a hardwood? oak
a burial vault which is closed by lowering the dome over the base describs a/an air seal
the indirect metod of approach forcasket selection requires adiquate pre-counseling
all of the following disclosures are required on the general price list by FTC funeral rule except reference to state laws
form W-4 is a/an employee's witholding allowance certificate
a trial balance of the general ledger accounts taken after the owner's temporary equity acouns have been closed is referred to as post-closig trial balance
anything of value owned is considered a/an asset
the legal obligatin of a business to pay a debt is called a/an liability
the basic accounting equation is assets = liabilities + owners equity
the steps involved in handling all of the trnsactions and events completed during an accounting period, beginning with placing data in a book of original entry nd ending with a post-closing trial balance, are referred to collectivle as accounting cycle
th eprocess of determining whether the amount of cash, both on hand and in the bank, is the same as amount entered in the accounting records is called proving the cash
money paid for the use of money is called interest
the process of allocating the cost of plant and euipment to the periods expected to benefit from the use of these assets is called depreication accounting
what is the interest on a 1000 note for 1 month with 8% annual interest rate? 6.67
which of th efollowing accounts normall has a credit balance? liability
the accounting epression 3/15, n/30 means a 3% discount if paid in 15 days, with full pament due 30 day fom date of invoice
when a net profit is closed to capital, the capital account is credited
afuneral home has 90000 of accounts recievable. 50000 is current, 10000 is in the 30-60 day column, 20000 is in the 60-90 day column, and 10000 is over 90 days. how much is past due? 44%
if the operator does not assign values in computer operations, the computer atomtically can assign default values
96 megabytes would be roughly equivalent to 96 million characters
the computer par that performs all the controlling, calculating, and processing functions is the CPU
the terms hard and floppy describe types of disks
what is the primary function of word-processing software? producing written documents
a duplicate of an riginal program or data made as a precaution against loss or damage of the original is called backup
a ciruit board that contains most f the electronic components of the system unit is called the mother board
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