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World History H

yea boi

Israelites Earliest members of Hebrew people who inhabited the Fertile Cressant
Monotheism Belif in one god
prophet a person who preaches divine messages from god
Moses A hebrew leader the greatest of the Prophets
Abraham 1st patriarch and founder of Judaism
Jerusalem The holy city of Lsrael
David 2nd king of Israel
Torah 1st of the 5 books of jewish bible
ark the holy chest where Torah scrolls are kept
Hebrews Desendants of Aberaham Isaac and Jacob inhabating ancient Palestine
talmud most signifacant colection of writing of law and tradition interpreting the Torah
Orthadox sect or major movement of Judaism(strict traditional)
conservative Keeping existing views in judaism
reform improve by removal of faults in judaism
Yaweh Hebrew god
Bar Mitzvah coming to manhood
diaspora Dispersal of jews from there homeland in Palestine (last jewish war with Rome)
Rabbi Jewish spiratual leader
cantor sings music leads in prayer
Bat Mitzvah Coming into womanhood
Passover Jewish holiday( Being freed from slavery from Eygpt)begins harvest
Rosh Hashana Jewish new year
Hanukkah Jewish holiday rededication of temple of Jerusalem lighting of 8 candles
Yom Kippur Jewish holiday day of prayer,fasting,and repenting for the sins of previous year
Zionism Movement to promote the establishment of jewish home in Palestine
Menorah candelabrum used for jewish worship (hanukkah)
kosher jewish dietary laws meat and dairy should never be touched
yarmulke(kippah) skullcap worn by jewish males in Synagogue and at home
star of david universal sign of judaism
judah hebrew kingdom of palestine
covenant mutual promise(agreement)
Palestine At eastern end of Mediterranean sea occupied by the Phonecians
Canaan Area of ancient Palestine home to the Hebrews
Philistine member of a non jewish people who lived in Palestine
Judaism monotheistic western religion developed among the ancient hebrews
Ashkenazic Jews Jews from eastern Europe
Balfour Decloration A letter from the Brits expressing its commitment to create a new jewish state in Palestine
B.C.E Before Christian era another way of sayng B.C
Brit Milah Circumcision of a male jewish child on 8th birthday or a male convert (bris)
commandments (Halakhah) G-d gave jews 613 commandments binding only jews
dreidel A top like toy used to play Chanukkah game
G-d A way of avoiding writing the name of G-D to avoid sin
gentiles Non Jews
Isaac Son and spiritual heir to Abraham
Jacob Son of Isaac
Kabalah Jewish mystical tradition
matzah unleavend bread traditionally served during passover
mezuzah a case of attached doorposts of houses containing passages of scripture written on it
Sephardic Jews Jews from Spain, Portugal, N.Africa, and middle east
Shabbat the jewish sabbath a day of rest (spiritual enrichment)
shofar a rams horn blown to like a trumpet as a call to repentance
synagogue jewish house of worship
talit a shawl like garment worn during mourning services with tzizit as a reminder of the commandments
yiddish Internationl language of Ashkenazic jews
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