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Colonial Unit

PIE Fifth Grade Social Studies: Colonists

Vocabulary TermDefinition
broker a person who paid to buy and sell things for someone else
presidio a military fort built for the protection of settlers in the Spanish borderlands
militia a town's voluntary army
indentured servant a person who worked without pay to pay the cost of coming to the Americas
mission a small community of Catholic religious workers in the Spanish colonies
auction a place where slaves were bought and sold
debtor a person who has been in prison for owing money
fall line a place where the land drops sharply, causing rivers to form waterfalls
scarce not plentiful
hacienda a large estate
self-sufficient self-supporting
royal colony a colony ruled by a king or queen
portage the carrying of canoes and supplies around waterfalls and rapids or overland between rivers
tributaries branch rivers
proprietary colony a colony that was owned and ruled by one person who was chosen by a king or queen
proprietor a land owner
Puritans a member of the Church of England who settled in North America to follow Christian beliefs in a more "pure" way
charter a document giving a person or group official approval to take a certain action
Fundamental Orders the first written system of government in North America; adopted in Connecticut
influence the ability people or things have to affect other people or things
refuge a safe place
immigrants people who come to live in a country after leaving their home country
frontier the land beyond the settlements
cash crop a crop that people raise to sell to others rather than to use themselves
House of Burgesses an assembly that met in the colony of Virginia to make laws
naval stores products made from pine tar that were used in building and repairing ships
Indigo a plant from which blue dye is made
debtors people who had beein in prison for owing money
Created by: McCarty