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Unit 1 - CH53

1.2 Maintenance Publications

7 categories of maintenance publications -general aircraft information -structural repair manual -wiring data manual -wiring systems repair -maintenance procedures -principles of operation manual -testing and troubleshooting
in "A1-H53CE-XXX-XXX" what does the A1 stand for? designation for all naval aircraft
in "A1-H53CE-XXX-XXX" what does the H53CE stand for? model designation
in "A1-H53CE-XXX-XXX" what does the CE stand for? combined manual
in "A1-H53CE-XXX-XXX" what does the first set of X's stand for? system designation
in "A1-H53CE-XXX-XXX" what does the second set of X's stand for? publication designation
GAI-000 contains... -manual usage info -general helicopter description -safety/emergency ground procedures -aircraft servicing info -aircraft/component limits
SRM-000 contains... -uniform practice for structural repair -repairing composite and metal structures -damage classifications are: negligible & repairable -separated into -000 and -010
WDM-000 contains... -list of repairable wires in helicopter
WCR-000 contains... -repair of entire helicopter wiring system
MIM/MPM-000 contains... -specific maintenance required at O level -removal and installation -adjustments
POM-100 contains... -description of operation -system & major components -simplified schematics -* system/component location diagrams
TTM-200 contains... -data needed to troubleshoot systems -operational checks -troubleshooting charts -*system/component location diagram
IPB-400 contains... -obtain replacement parts -numerical index (IPB-450)
AML-000 contains... list of all technical manuals
NA01-230HM-8 contains... -work unit codes -action taking codes -type maintenance codes -malfunction codes -transaction codes -when discovered codes
NA01-1A-509-X contains... -Volume I: corrosion program -Volume II: aircraft -Volume III: avionics & electronics -Volume IV: consumables -Volume V: air force use only
MRC-000 is... periodic maintenance info cards
MRC-100 is... turnaround checklist
MRC-200 is... daily MRCs
MRC-300 is... servicing/special/preservation MRCs
MRC-400 is... phase maintenance requirement cards
NA01-1A-8 is what type of manual? structural hardware manual
NA01-1A-17 is what type of manual? aviation hydraulics manual
NA04-10-506 is what type of manual? aircraft tires and tubes
Created by: jberban
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