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lecture 1 sperandio

important characteristics of bacteria (prokaryotes) lack an organized nucleus, histones, mitochondria, ER or lysosomes; 70S ribosome; possess only 1 chromosome
Spores don't undergo division, but ______, which produces _______. germination; (from spore) a single vegetative cell with the power to divide
Mycoplasma are the only bacteria with chol or sterols in their PM.
basic units of peptidoglycan layer in bacteria NAG (n-acetylglucosamine) and NAM (n-acetylmuramic acid)
Although strong, the beta-1,4 linkage of peptidoglycan can be cleaved by? lysozyme from saliva, tears and WBCs
D-AAs are only found in bacteria
membrane teichoic acids attached covalently to membrane glycolipids
wall teichoic acids attached covalently by anchoring to NAM residues
only GP bacteria have teichoic acids
the "major surface antigens" of GP bacteria that can elicit immune response in humans teichoic acids
only GN bacteria have an outer membrane with only a thin peptidoglycan layer
the "major antigenic determinant" in GN bacteria aka endotoxin O-antigen of the LPS, important for serotyping and binding of bacterial phages
What is found in the periplasmic space? hydrolytic enzymes or lysosomal-like enzymes, also beta-lactamases
distinguishing factor btwn "rough" and "smooth" appearance of GN colonies on agar with O side chain = rough without = smooth
ligand for Toll-like receptors in GN bacteria lipid A
3 elements of the GN LPS lipid A (toxic), core polysaccharide (constant within species) & O side chains
osmotically-sensitive sphere created when bacteria are stripped of their peptidoglycan using lysozyme spheroplast - GN bacteria protoplast - GP bacteria [Proto - Positive]
bacteria that are "protoplast-like" Mycoplasma (no peptidoglycan to begin with)
capsules are made of ______ and contain the _____ (antigenic determinant) polysaccharides; K antigen
smooth - capsule+ rough - capsule-
Flagella contain which antigenic determinants? H-antigens
function of the F-pilus conjugation tube that DNA passes through from one bacterium to another
peptidoglycan chains are crosslinked by a ________; this reaction is inhibited by the abx ______ pentaglycine bridge; PCN
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