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AP History Unit 1

City Upon a Hill 1492-1707

Why was the travel to China difficult and long? deserts, pirates, taxes.
What made long ocean voyages possible? caravel, compass, astrolabe
Significance of Prince Henry? navigation school, mapmaking
Where did Columbus think he landed? India
What was the purpose of the Aztec pyramids? to serve as execution sites.
Why were the natives so easily conquered by Cortez? and the Spanish leadership? they were always conditioned to follow some sort of leader.
What was the Pueblo Revolt of 1680? a revolt that killed 21 priests and hundreds of Spanish colonists because the Spanish were trying to force Catholicism
What territory in the New World did Spain control? Southeastern and Southwestern part of North America, along with a vast majority of South America.
Characteristics of Spanish Mercantilism... Gold, God and Glory for Spain.
Characteristics of English Mercantilism... some personal investments and freedoms.
Who were the Huguenots? french protestants who sought religios freedoms. Settled: Southern Colonies and Quebec.
Who are the coureurs de bois? runners of the woods who went deep into Canada to trade with the indians.
What prevented John Whites return to Roanoke? threat of Spanish invasion.
3 factors that attributed to the rise of English Colonization... 1.new buisness practices 2. culture of technological inquisitiveness 3. a climate receptive to political and economic risk taking.
Why did Powhatan support the Jamestown settlers? because they would help him defeat other tribes.
How did the English view of Africans change? at first they had the same status as european indentured servants, but they eventually were seen as permanent slaves by heredity.
What is the significance of Opechanacanough? was Powhatans brother who overtook the Chesapeake tribes and lead attacks on Jamestown settlers.
What was Oliver Cromwell's view of the Protestant and Catholic problems in Maryland? He was a proprietor who supported the Act of Toleration, even though he was a Puritan.
How did the Cherokee Indians help the Carolinians? in making an alliance to defeat the Yamasees and Creeks.
5 important trends established in Virginia and Maryland... 1. the distance between the ruler and the governed. 2. increase of political confidence and status. 3. Rebellions against the gov. 4. religious toleration. 5. importance of armed citizens.
Who were the Puritans? christians that wanted to "purify" the church of England and remove Catholic tendencies.
What is the Legacy of the Plymouth settlers? the thanksgiving dinner, the mayflower compact, and the courage of braving the dangers and uncertainties of the new world.
What was the role of the Puritan clergy in Massachutes? as an influence on the voting citizens.
An important result of the Pequot war? the realization of the Indians that they would have to unite to defeat the english, and the expansion of the New England militia system.
Were the Acts done by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchingson harder to handle than the indians? Yes, because its harder to control the human spirit.
How was NY established? when Charles II invaded New Amsterdam and gave it to his brother, the Duke of York.
What was the significance of Peter Stuyvesant? failed to mobilize the Dutch population when the English invaded, but his surrender allowed the Dutch to stay in the colony.
What was the Glorious Revolution? a series of abuses by Stuart Kings. The whigs gained power in England without any bloodshed, and exiled James II.
Similarity between Brittish Declaration of Rights, and the American Bill of Rights? both promoted the right to keep and bear arms, religious freedoms, and economic freedom.
What are the 3 themes of Early Colonial history? 1. religious freedoms. 2. personal liberties. 3. economic freedoms.
Created by: Jordan Metts