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key events


1760 George III becomes King of England
1763 Treaty of Paris ends the 7 years war; Proclimation of 1763 forbids white settlement west of the Appalachian mountains
1764 Sugar Act levies new trade duties on coffe, sugar, and wine; Currency Act prohibits colonial governments from issuing paper money and requires all debts to be paid in hard money
1765 Stamp Act requires stamps be affixed to over fifty items where tax is imposed
1766 Parliament repeals the stamp act but asserts its authority to tax the colonies in the declaratory act
1767 Townshind duties act imposes taxes on imported glass, lead, paint, paper and tea to defray the cost of colonial administration
1768 British troops order to Boston colonists begin to mount a trade boycott to protest the townshind duties
1770 Boston Massacre leaves 5 dead and others wounded
1772 Rhode Island colonists attack and burn british naval vessel Gaspee
1773 Tea Act allows the east indian company to sell tea directly to American retailers; Boston tea party occurs when a band of indians boards 3 British vessels and dumps 342 chests of tea into Boston harbor
1774 Coercive Acts close the port of Boston; Quebec Act expands the boundaries of Quebec to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers; First continental congress meeting in Philidelphia protest oppresive parliamentary legislation votes to boycott trade with Britian
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