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History of Disease

The Cambridge of History of Medicine

Humans have been fighting diseases since ______?______. Humans formed large groups
William Oslar believed that illness/disease was ___________ before civilization was created. not recorded
Before Farming -4.5 millions of years hominids were ____ & ______. Hunters & Gatherers; low populations without having illnesses
Before Farming - What does a pathogen need in order to create problems? Large Populations
What are some reasons why hunter-gatherers were healthy? They didn't stay in one place, didn't own domesticated animals.
New Worlds, New Pathogens? - The inhabitants of many Pacific islands had suffered from malaria, filariasis, & tropical skin before the arrival of Europeans. Pacific islanders separated for 1000s of years; living on an island may caused some problems
New Worlds, New Pathogens? - Example - Hawaii - AD 300 - In the year 1778 Captain Cook and his crew came to Hawaii - They brought the syphilis and the Hawaiian population dropped from 90% w/in a Century
New Worlds, New Pathogens? - Example - Australia - 1788 - English Settlement - Small Pox; Killed the Eastern half of Aborigines who lived there (1789) and also made Charles Darwin ill(1836)
New Worlds, New Pathogens? - In England they were also having problems too. Plague (south & east); Malaria; 16th cen. severe influenza; smallpox; syphilis; diphtheria; scarlet fever; typhus; France, conquer Kingdom of Naples, 30,000 soldiers died from Typhus
New Worlds, New Pathogens? - China Syphilis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, small pox, measles, malaria, & old ailments
Created by: 1StellarStar
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