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History ch.5

section 2

based on the study of the classic, literary works of greece and rome humanism
"father of the renaissance" petrarch
What did pertrarch do? _resurrected lost latin manuscript _encouraged the use of pure classic latin
the language that is spoken in a certain region vernacular
who wrote divine comedy Dante
who wrote canterbury tales Chaucer
Who wrote the book of the city of ladies Christine de Pizan
What did the humanist education involve? liberal studies
the goal of humanist education create complete citizens
females and education were only allowed to study religion and morals
Brunelleschi sculpter in florence
masaccio fresco painter in florence
high renaissance the final stage of italian renaissance painting
famous for his interest in nature and the perfection of the individual Leonardo da Vinci
famous for madonna paintings Raphael
famous for his ceiling paintings michealangelo
what did northern artists do? painted pics for books and wooden panels for altarpieces
who was Jan van Eyck a flemish painter
Who was Albrecht Durer? a german painter
emphasis on individual accomplishments humanism
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