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SSAT Vocabulary

SSAT Verbal Vocab by Princeton Review

Jeer to make fun of
Jest to joke (court jester)
Parody a humorous imitation
Recreation something done for fun, a hobby or game
Skit a short comic scene
Adjunct an accessory, something added on (ad+junc/join)
Coalesce to come together (esce)
Congeal to thicken, or change from liquid to solid (con)
Consensus an agreement (con)
Contiguous lying side by side (con)
Fission a splitting apart
Fusion a join together
Integrate to bring together and make whole (integer)
Juxtapose to place side by side
Pact a formal agreement between two countries; a bargain
Rendezvous a meeting usually secret
Abdicate to give up power (ab)
Accord to be in agreement
Allege to declare that something is true without proof
Assess to evaluate or determine the worth of
Condone to forgive or disregard an offense
Conventional traditional, ordinary (con+vent)
Counsel to advice
Debunk to prove false
Decree an order or a command
Inquiry a request for information (in)
Ratify to approve; usually a law
Sustain to support
Ambiguous unclear
Amorphous without shape (a+morph+ous)
Itinerant nomadic, constantly moving
Kinetic moving
Obscure hidden or dark, hard to see (ob);to hide
Remote far away, distant (remote control)
Writhe to twist
Egress exit
Epoch a period of time
Intangible not able to be touched or sensed (in+tang+ible)
Polymorphous having many shapes (poly+morph+ous)
Prolific fertile, very productive (pro)
Scull a small rowboat or an oar for a rowboat
Sporadic having no pattern or order
Surrogate a substitute
Variegated having many parts or colors
Akin related to or alike
Amiable friendly, good-natured
Congenial agreeable (con+gen)
Equivalent equal (equi)
Extol to praise (ex)
Placate to quiet down, appease (plac)
Altruistic doing good for others
Aspirant someone reaching for something (aspirations)
Astute sharp, shrewd
Benevolence goodness (bene)
Animosity hostility (anim+ity)
Debilitating weakening, harmful (de)
Deficient lacking and essential part (de)
Insolent disrespectful, rude (in)
Irate enraged
Notorious known widely and unfavorably
Profane to abuse or put to ill use
Recalcitrant disobedient, stubborn
Warlock a male witch
Aloof keeping a distance
Banal unoriginal and boring
Belligerent hostile, warlike (bell)
Browbeat to intimidate
Choleric irritable
Garrulous overly talkative (ous)
Incompetent not able to do something properly
Insipid lacking interest, dull, boring (in)
Ostentatious showy, pretentious (ous)
Pedantic overly scholarly, boring
Pugnacious hostile (ous)
Ravenous extremely hungry (ous)
Sanctimonious acting morally superior, holier-than-thou (ous)
Abyss a deep narrow pit
Barrage a flood
Brig the prison of a ship
Hovel a shack
Indictment the situation of having been charged with a crime (dic)
Quiver a portable container for arrows; to tremble
Plight a bad situation, a predicament
Rue to regret
Adverse unfavorable, opposed, going against (ad+verse)
Aggravate to make worse
Assailable vulnerable (able)
Corpulent excessively overweight
Founder to sink (a boat 'founders'); someone who starts something
Impasse a deadlock, a point at which one can go no further (im)
Incumbent someone who is currently holding a political position
Insinuation a sneaky suggestion of something bad
Mar to spoil, to mark
Null zero value ('null and void')
Repudiate to put down, to renounce
Ruse a clever trick
Sedate to calm, especially by use of a drug
Slander a false and mean-spirited statement meant to injure someone
Superfluous more than what is required or needed (super+ous)
Benign harmless (bene)
Exquisite beautifully made or designed
Immaculate perfectly clean, free from dirt or stain (im)
Robust healthy
Clarity clearness
Deft skillful
Meticulous careful, paying attention to details (ous)
Pious deeply religious (ous)
Illuminate to light up or make clear (lum)
Imply to express indirectly
Lament to express grief for, mourn
Reminiscence a memory, the act of recalling the past (re)
Dormant temporarily inactive, asleep
Eradicate to erase or get rid of
Excavate to dig up (ex)
Fundamental an essential part, basic
Innate possessed at birth, not learned (in+nat)
Merge to blend together
Adept very skilled
Facet an aspect of something
Ingenuity innovation, creativity (in+gentity)
Inscribe to write or etch words on or into a surface (in+scrib)
Novice a beginner (nov)
Procure to obtain
Tenacious holding firmly, especially to a belief, stubborn (ten+ac+ous)
Toil hard work, or to work hard
Vend to sell
Vigor strength, energy
Wane to decrease in size or strength
Admiring regarding with approval or respect
Ambivalent having opposing or mixed feelings (such as love and hate)
Analytical intending to understand the nature of something (ical)
Biased favoring one side or opinion over another
Brash bold
Cautious careful (ous)
Dubious doubtful (ous)
Ironic the use of words to express an unintended or contradictory meaning
Jubilant overly joyful
Objective not influenced by personal opinion, just the facts
Sarcastic the use of witty language to insult or show displeasure
Skeptical doubtful (ical)
Somber serious, dark, or gloomy
Subjective influenced by personal opinion, biased
Temperament your usual mood or behavior
Abominable horrible or unpleasant (able)
Arid very dry
Delusion a false opinion or idea
Despair a feeling of absolute hopelessness, or to lose hope
Dread overwhelming fear or to be very afraid
Exasperate to make very angry or impatient
Gaunt very thin and bony
Impediment an obstacle, something in the way
Laden weighed down with a heavy load, burdened
Parch to make very thirsty
Pungent a sharp, biting smell or taste
Rancid having a nasty smell or taste, rotting
Repugnant highly disgusting, offensive
Revile to criticize with abusive language
Scorn to abuse or treat with no respect, or a strong feeling of dislike
Abhor to hate or detest
Deleterious harmful to one's health (ous)
Disparage to criticize or speak badly of (dis)
Penurious extremely stingy or misery (ous)
Quandry a state of uncertainty
Recuperate to heal or return to good health (re)
Salve something used to heal or soothe
Authentic genuine and true, not fake
Era a period of time (usually in the past)
Extinct no longer existing (ex)
Hackneyed over used and old-fashioned
Hoary very old, or gray from old age
Obsolete out of date, no longer useful (ob)
Posterity all of a person's descendents (pos+ity)
Premise an essential fact that others are based on
Retrospect the review of past events, hindsight (spec)
Absolved freed from guilt or blame (ab)
Concede to give in or surrender
Contrition deep regret for doing something wrong
Implore to beg or ask earnestly
Abridge to shorten in length or duration (a+bridge)
Academic having to do with school or education
Adage an old saying usually considered to be true
Assert to state a viewpoint
Cumulative increasing through successive addition
Genre a specific style of art or literature
Oration a formal speech
Preamble an introduction to a formal document (pre)
Ail to suffer from sickness
Bewilder to confuse
Confound to puzzle or confuse
Crevice a narrow crack, especially in a rock
Decompose to rot or decay (de+com)
Deteriorate to get worse (de)
Dilute to weaken, especially by adding water to a solution (di)
Distort to bend or twist something out of its normal shape (dis)
Quibble to complain about little things
Rift a narrow break
Squalid appearing dirty and wretched
Cacophony jarring and unpleasing sounds (phon)
Evanescence lasting a short time, fading away gradually (esce)
Mercurial characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes, fickle
Volatile easily changeable, quick to explode
Circulate to move around freely, to spread widely (circ)
Evacuate to leave or withdraw, as from a dangerous area
Exclusion not being allowed to enter or join (ex+clu)
Exile to banish someone from their native country (ex)
Fluctuate to shift back and forth without regularity
Linger to delay or be slow in leaving
Ramble to move or speak without direction (amb)
Recede to move away or become smaller (re)
Rout an overwhelming defeat or to defeat
Audible able to be heard (able)
Dingy dirty, dull, or shabby
Elaborate very detailed or to explain something in greater detail
Elongate to lengthen
Embroider to decorate an object with needlework
Emulate to copy or imitate
Fringe the edge or outer portion
Hue the color or shade of an object
Livid discolored, bruised, or very angry
Lush juicy and tender or covered with plant life
Opulent rich, characterized by wealth
Plumage the feathers on a bird
Stark bare, without decoration
Sublime without equal, awe-inspiration
Tome a book, especially a large and scholarly one
Translucent almost transparent, able to be seen through clearly (trans+luc)
Virtuoso a person with great skill, especially a musician
Vivid very distinct and sharp, realistic
Adamant stubborn and persistent
Condescend to act as if you are better than someone
Contradict to disagree
Egotist a self-centered or conceited person (big ego)
Glutton one who eats or drinks too much, greedy
Imperious arrogant, behaving like royalty (ous)
Plunder to steal
Timid shy
Wily cunning and crafty
Abstinence act or practice of refraining from indulging, especially in alcohol
Capricious unpredictable and impulsive (ous)
Contentious inclined to fight or argue (ous)
Feral wild and untamed
Rancorous showing hatred or ill-will (ous)
Abstinence act or practice of refraining from indulging, especially alcohol
Capricious unpredictable and impulsive (ous)
Contentious inclined to fight or argue (ous)
Feral wild and untamed
Rancorous showing hatred or ill-will (ous)
Staid straightlaced and serious
Candor honesty,openness
Clandestine secret
Correlation connection between facts or events
Fathom to understand
Frank honest and open
keen sharp-witted and intelligent
Plausible possible or believable
Presume to take for granted or to assume something to be true (pre)
Prophetic predicting the future (pro)
Shrewd very clever and smart, tricky
Stifle to hold back or smother
Tryst a secret meeting
Impervious unable to pass or enter, unable to upset or disturb
Indifferent having no feelings or not caring one way or another (in)
Languid slow moving
Mirth happiness and good cheer
Nimble agile and flexible
Nonchalant without concern, calm and cool
Tepid neither hot nor cold
Burly very stocky and muscled
Dexterity mental skill or quickness (ity)
Exuberant overflowing with joy or happiness
Felicity joy and happiness
Frugal not wasteful or extravagant
Idiosyncratic a characteristic peculiar to an individual, a quirk
Integrity a person's moral character, honesty and truthfulness (ity)
Paramount having superior power and influence
Prosperous wealthy or fortunate (ous)
Prudent sensible and wise
Thrifty able to handle money wisely, not extravagant
Venerate to regard with deep respect
Whimsical determined by chance of fancy instead of reason; impulsive
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