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Cold War

Cold War for LAST

Iron Curtain Churchill spoke in Missouri in 1946 and said an Iron Curtain had descended across the Continent, describing Soviet isolation from the rest of the world.
Occupation of Germany Four zones, American, British, French and Russian.
Berlin Airlift Russians blockaded land access to Berlin. Blockade was overcome with Berlin Airlift.
Truman Succeeded Roosevelt. Won upset victory over Thomas Dewey in 1948, served as president until 1952.
Truman Doctrine US would help any free countries resisting armed minorities. US entered a period of Soviet containment designed to counter worldwide Soviet pressure.
Smith Act Designed for use against WWII subverts, used by Truman to jail domestic Communist leaders.
Loyalty Board and House UnAmerican Activities Committee Investigated Communist infiltration into government.
Marshall Plan Helped rebuild Europe with West German reaping greatest benefits.UN established with a Security Council of mostly allied countries. Germany remained under allied occupation.
Israel Established in 1948. Series of conflicts with Egypt and other Arab states began.
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed, united European allies in military alliance. Strengthened in aftermath of Korean War.
Soviet Union Stalin died in 1953. Kruschev and sucessors Brezhnev, Andopov, and Gorbachev attacked his ruthlessness and relaxed political climate. Gradually occupied countries sought freedom and were thwarted by Soviet military reaction.
Common Market Formed by Britain and Western Europe to create free trade zone and stimulate commerce.
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