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World War II

World War II for LAST test

WWII begins Sept. 1, 1939, Germany invades Poland. England and France declare war on Germany.
Early WWII Soviet involvement Soviets on the sidelines. Occupied Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, foced concessions from Finland.
Allies England, France, US
Axis Powers German, Japan, Italy
First German Offensive against Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Attacked Denmark and Norway. By-passed fortified Maginot line armament by attacking through Luxembourg.
Dunkirk 400,000 British and French troops trapped but managed to escape without their equipment.
Battle of Britain Germany tried to conquer Britain from the air. Tactic was unsuccessful. Germans considered, then abandoned plan to invade Britain.
Churchill Replaced British Prime Minister Chamberlain. Had long warned of Germany's intentions.
Lend-lease act 1941- Allowed US president to sell, lend or transfer arms to countries vital to American defense.
France in WWII Paris fell in June 1940. France surrendered.
Vichey government French. Followed policy of collaboration.
Free French movement Led by Charles DeGaulle in London. Few Frenchmen joined movement.
1940 US war position FDR said he was neutral and was re-elected.
Atlantic Charter 1941. Roosevelt met with Churchill off of Newfoundland. Incorporated Roosevelt's Four Freedoms.
Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Freedom of Speech an Expression, Religion, Want, Fear
Operation Barbarosa Invasion of Russia with 3 million Axis troops. Initially sucessful. Entered suburbs of Moscow November 1941. Long supply lines, winter and Russian counterattack drove Axis forces away from Moscow winter of 41-42.
Second Russian attack Attacked and were stopped in the streets of Stalingrad. Hitler forbade retreat. German forces surrounded and decimated. German forces surrendered January 1943. Russians moved to the offensive.
Pearl Harbor Japanese attacked December 7, 1941
North Africa (WWII) Italians and Afrika Corps under German General Rommel controlled North Africa. Combined British and American forces launched a cmbined offensive that trapped Axis forces and led to their surrender in 1943.
Battle of the Atlantic German U-boats won in early years of war. Adequate supplies could not reach England and Europe. Improved ships, planes and sonar reversed this trend and by 1943 the Atlantic was an unsafe place for German submarines.
Planning of Allied Invasion January 1943 Churchill and Roosevelt met at Casablanca to plan future of war.
Operation Overlord Launched by Allied forces June 6, 1944. Invasion of France from England. Largest amphibious operation ever undertaken. By the end of 1944 France had been recaptured and Allied forces were at German border.
German surrender Hitler committed suicide in Bunker. German army surrendered.
Yalta February 1945. Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin met about postwar political subdivisions. Many criticized Roosevelt for being too favorable towards Stalin.
Potsdam July 1945. Stalin and Churchill met with newly inaugurated President Truman. Churchill defeated for Prime Minister.
Atomic Bomb Dropped on and obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japanese surrendered on the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay under leadership of General Douglas MacArthur.
Created by: lmcaswel