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Healthcare Delivery

Chap. 1, HST 1; Diversified Health Occupations

Classifications of Hospitals (4) private, religious, nonprofit, government
Private Hospitals Owned by individuals
Religious Owned by religious sect
Nonprofit No owners. Funded by donations.
Government Funded by federal, state and local monies.
General Hospitals Treat wide variety of illness and conditions
Speciality Hospitals Only treat special conditions or specific age groups
School Health Services Care for sudden accidents or illness
Hospice Services are provided to the terminally ill
World Health Organization (WHO) Investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Establishes standards that protect workers
Health Department Services Immunization for disease control, Collection of statistics and records
Nonprofit agencies Many focus on one specific disease, provide funding to encourage research to cure or treat the disease, and promote public education on disease
Premium Payment made to insurance company by member/patient
Deductible Amount that must be paid by the patient before policy begins to pay
Medicare For those 65 and older, disabled, or receive social security benefits
Medicaid Those with low incomes, disabled, or children who qualify for public assistance
Wellness State of being in optimum health
Holistic Health Care Care that promotes well being by treating the whole body, mind, and spirit
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