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Civics Vocab.

February 9

Bacon's Rebellion 1676-len by Nathaniel Bacon a discontent comolist in VA colony b/c of high taxes. It was the 1st rebellion by colonists.
Natural Rights Human Rights or universal rights that are seen as inherend in the nature of people and not contingent on human actions or beliefs(include rights to life and liberty)
Boston Massacre killing of 5 civilians by British troops on 3-5-1770, this event led to the revolutionary war
"Shot heard 'round the world" started revolutionary war fired at Old North Bridge in Concort Massachusettes on 4-18-1775
Boston Tea Party In 1773 colonists dumped 342 chests of tea in Boston Harbor to protest high taxes
Treaty of Paris Peace agreement with great Britain signed in 1873 after Revolutionary War
Shays Rebellion a farmer who led a rebellion said the state had no right to take his farm b/c they could not pay taxes b/c the state cheated the problem. Led 1200 Massachusettes farmers to rebel at a federal arsenal
Bill of Rights the first 10 ammendments to the constitution
Great Compromise agreement providing a dual system of congressional representation
Three-Fifths Compromise agreement providing that enslaved persons would count as 3/5 of other persons in determening representation in Congress
Electoral College a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
Federalists supporters of the Constitution
Anti Federalists those who opposed ratification of the Constitution
Federalism a form of gov't in which power is divided between the federal or national government and the states
Seperation of Powers the split of autority among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches
Checks and Balances a system in which each branch of gov't is able to check, or restrain, the power of others
Executive Branch the branch of gov't that carries out laws
Theocracy a form of gov't in which the divine power governs an earthly human state
Oligarchy gov't by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families-were usually wealthy
Absolute Monarchy a monarch that has complete and unlimited power to rule his or her people
Dictatorship a gov't controlled by one person or a small group of people
Democracy a gov't in which citizen's hold the power to rule
The Judiciary (blank)
French and Indian War (blank)
Created by: Civics123