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AP Bio prefix suffix


erythro red erythrocyte
fer to bear fertility
gastro stomach gastroenteritis
herp reptile herpetology
hetero different heterozygote
haplo single haploid
infer low beneath inferior
inter between internal
intra within intracranial
iso same isotonic
lysis to break down plasmolysis
macro large macrocyte
mar sea marine biologist
melan black melanin
mes middle mesothelioma
meta turning point metaphase
mito thread mitochondria
myo muscle myology
namat thread nematoid
node knot swelling lymphnode
nuc nut nucleus
ocul eye ocular
olf smell olfaction
onco cancer oncology
oo egg oogamous
ophtha eye ophthalmogist
oscu mouth oscular
oste bone osteoporosis
ov egg ovum
palm palm of hand palmature
peri around perimeter
permea pass through permeable
phag eat phagocyte
phil love philanthropy
physio nature or function of physiognomy
plasm something melded plasma
pleur side or rib pleurotomy
pneumo lungs pneumonia
pri/proto first protocol
pseudo false pseudonym
psychro cold psychrometer
pter wing pteranodon
pulmo lung pulmones
rhiz root rhizoid
rhodo red rhodopsin
rrhea flow discharge
saccharo sugar saccaharose
sal salt salinity
scler sclerosis
sept seven septum
septic poison septicemia
soma somat body somatic
sperm seed spermicide
spire breathe respire
staphy cluster staphylococcal
stoma mouth stomate
strat layer stratosphere
strepto chain streptobacillus
synap union synapsis
tarso ankle tarsal
tetra FOUR tetrameter
thorac chest thoracic
trans across transcend
trich thread trichocyte
ur tail urine uria
vas vessel vascular
xanthin yellow xanthinine
zo zoa animals zoology
zyg a yolk zygote
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