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HUMN 201

Horation smiling satire, tone is tolerant & amused, speaker is witty, good, honored, & rational, work not only critizes but it implies a norm
Juvenalian snarling satire, tone is bitter & indignant, persona reflects personal unhappiness, social chaos, & often
what is satire? a work that comically exposes or attacks something by ridicule, usually under the pretense of improving the world thereby
What are the 3 evils in the Turk's solution? boredom, vice, & indigence
Voltaire ~Candide Author's voice is the old Turk who believe that we must cultivate our garden to keep away the 3 evil; treatise on toleration
Diderot & D'Alembert ~Encyclopedia collective plea for freedom of expression; designed to secularize learning & undermine intellectual assumption; looked to antiquity instead of Christian century
Swift ~A Modest Proposal Juvenalian satire, cynical against human race ~Gulliver's Travels
Pope ~An Essay on Man "vindicate the ways of God to Man"; show the order & design of nature & the universe ~Rape of Lock
Locke ~2 Treatise of Government Because of nature we are free people, 3 things we want: law, court system, executive of power, check & balances; putting on the chains we live freer lives
Wollstonecraft A Vindication on the Rights of Woman & other novels, French Revolution books friendship is basis of marriage, women need to be trained educated & independent from man including physical education
Rousseau ~Emille claims men & women are in 2 different spheres; women are for pleasing their husbands ~Social Contract
Montesquieu ~Spirit of the Laws ~The Persian Letters parlement; division of power in government; checks & balances
Smith ~Into the Nature of Causes of the Wealth of Nations economic growth & social progress; calls for government action to support the education of the poor; 4 stage theory classified society; laissez-faire
Spinoza ~Theologico-Political Treatise power of human reason to reconceptualize traditional thought
Enlightment Causes 1. Disgust w/wars of religion-30yrs, english civil, persecution of Hugenots science-isaac newton mathmatical, "natural philosophy" 3. philosophical development-Descarte discourse on method, Locke human understand 4. reasonable religion-deism & wa
Methodism Contributions field preaching itineracy lay preaching women preachers hymns
Created by: midnight1854
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