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EMB Tests

CVR Test -Press and hold CVR button -Observe STATUS LED illuminated for 1 second.
Fire Detection Test -Press test button and observe: -APU FIRE, ENG 1-2 FIRE, BAGG SMOKE -APU FIREDET FAIL, E1-2 FIREDET FAIL -Fire handles illuminated -BAGG EXTG illuminated -Master warning/caution lights -Fire bell *Must wait SIX seconds to repeat test
Flight Controls Test -Select MFD HYD page: Check hyd res. quantity levels -Press Steering Disengage button: verify STEER INOP -Select HYD 1 electric pump to auto: Verify ELEC pump on and pressure, Verify operation of the ailerons and rudder -Turn off pump -Repeat for #2
Autopilot Test -Engage Autopilot and observe AP and YD on PFD -Press Quick Disconnect button -Observe AP and YD disengage on PFD and aural alert
Oxygen System Test *Check O2 Masks -Selector set to 100% -Select MASK on DAP -Select SPKR on DAP -Confirm HOT MIC to ON -Slide TEST/SHUT-OFF lever: Observe yellow blinker and O2 flow -Slide TEST/SHUT-OFF lever and press EMERG button: Observe blinker and O2 flow -Rese
Ice Protection Test (electrical) -APU Bleed - Close -Engine Bleed - Close *Wait 10 seconds -Anti-Ice buttons: PRESSED IN -Ice Detect Override: AUTO -Ice Detect Test knob: 1 then 2 *Hold for at LEAST 10 seconds -Observe: BLD 1 LOW TEMP, ICE DET 1 FAIL, ICE CONDITION -APU bleed - A
Ice Protection Test (pneumatic) -Cross Bleed: AUTO -APU Bleed: CLOSED -Eng Bleed: OPEN -N2: 83% -Ice Detect ovrrde: ALL -Ice Detect test: 1 then 2 (<15 sec) -Observe: OPEN insc on ENG AIR INLET, WING, and STAB. EICAS: ICE DET 1 FAIL, BLD 1 LOW TEMP*, ICE CONDITION, XBLEED OPEN* (*
Created by: matt63634
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