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In 2007, the head of the Consumer product safety commission (CPSC) was Nancy Nord why was her request that congress not increase funding? Bureaucracies frequently ask congress to cut their budgets so they will have less to do
In 2007 the head of the consumer product safety commision was nancy nord. How was she believe that consumers should best be protected from unsafe products? Additional inspectors in american ports
According to authors of struggle for democracy many of the most talented people in our society tend to stay away from working for government because... civil servants have so little prestige
The authors of your textbook argue that the U.S bureaucracy has to awnser to two different bosses who often have competing desires for what the b does what are the two bosses? president and congress
Who was successfully appointed to the supreme court? Samuel Alito
What is explictley included in Article 3 Congress creates federal courts as needed
Judicial review raises questions about democracy because of majoritarian nature
Stare decisis refers to closely following precedent
When do most of the cases that reach the supreme court come from? appeals to fedaral court
What would a federal court of appeals be most likely to rely on in reaching a decision? Written briefs submitted by the supreme court
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