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Which accurately describes the results of the 2010 congressional elections? Republicans gained a majority of seats in the house and in the senate
Which of the following applies to the Senate but not the House of Representatives Gives advice and consent to the presidents on treaties
The "Great Compromise" dealt with representation in congress
An example of casework Is help from a senator in getting a last-minute passport to attend a relative's funeral in Belarus
What members of congress are least likely to act like a trustee? a member from house of represenatives
Reapportionment occurs every 10 years
Who does a filibuster most benefit minority interests
What is it called when a congressional committee takes testimony from those who are for or against a bill? A hearing
What happens to most bills that are introduced to congress? They do not become a law
What is Congress's most powerful tool for overseeing the executive branch? Impeachment
Congress's monitoring of the executive branch to make sure it properly carries out the law is called.. oversight
What change did Barack Obama make to immigration policy using executive order? He focused on auditing and fining companies who hire illegal immigrants
What did George W. Bush use most often to expand presidential powers? signing statements
Why do presidents prefer executive agreements over treaties? executive agreements are enacted without congressional approval
What is the title of the official who usually briefs the president each day on events related to the nation's security? National security advisor
Remember the following statement is accurate: The constitution does not mention the presidents cabinet
What best describes the relationship between Congress and the presidents as created by the constitution? Prone to conflict
Why did George W. Bush have difficulty getting a republican controlled congress to approve his immigration and social security reforms? Members of his own political party were not united in support of his policies
Elections encourage presidents to propose policy's that the public supports
What are 2 major roles of members of Congress? Enumerated powers and necessary of proper clause
Constituent the voters or residents in a district represented by elective officer
Constituency the district of legislator
How long is term in House of Represenatives? 2 years
In which chamber do budget bills originate House of Representatives
Which legistlative chamber has job of confirming presidential appointments? senate
The rallocation of congressional seats among the states every 1- years, following the census is known as .... reapportionment
The number of represenatives w voting priveleges in H.O.R is currently .... 435
The process of redrawing congressional districts to match population shifts in states with more than one represenative is called... redistricting
Redrawing congressional districts boundaries to factor or hurt a particular group or party is known as.... gerrymandering
What is an open seat election? incumbent is not running (someone in office now)
Who is presiding officer in House of Represenatives? John Boehner
.... are permanent committees responsible for legislation in particular policy areas standing
What is name of extremley powerful congressional committee that determines when debate on a bill takes place.... the house rules committee
Filibuster prevent a bill from coming to a vote by talking it to death
Cloture vote to end a filibuster requires 3/5 of the senate
..... refers to the right of a president to keep conversations with his advisors confidential so that he can recieve truthful advice from them executive privilege
the order of presidential succession beyond the vice president was establish by...... presidential succession law of 1947
The presidents cabinet is composed of the.... senior appointed officers
What are roles of president? execuative military legislative judicial chief of state chief execuative domestic policy maker
In the U.S treaties are negotiated by the president and requires ------approval from the ---- congress senate
Excecuative agreements an agreement with another country signed by the president has the forve of law foes not require senate approval
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