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Stabilized Approach Criteria 2000' AFL to 1000' AFL: 2000 FPM, +/- 1.5 dots [] 1000' AFL to 300' AFL = 1000 FPM, +/- 1 dot [] 300' AFL to 50' AFL: 900 FPM +/- 1 dot. [] AIRSPEED - Max deviation from 1000' AFL to airspeed reduction is +10, -0 kts.
RVSM Requirements *Between FL290 and FL410* -A/P w/Altitude hold - Altitude alerting system - 2 Mode C transponders - 2 Independent primary altimeters.
Auto Pressureization Climb/Descent Rates 650 FPM in climb/-450 FPM in descent. *If A/C is descending >2000 FPM, rates increase to between -450 FPM and -1300 FPM.
What enables windshear escape guidance mode? -Manually, by pressing a G/A button during windshear alert. -Automatically, when in a T/O or G/A mode when windshear is detected. -Automatically, when T/Ls max and a DECREASING windshear is detected.
Flight Level Change values *Climbing 0'-10,000' = 240 kts 10,000' - 12,000' = 240-270 kts linearly 12,000' - 17,377' = 270 kts 17,377' - 37,000' = 0.56 Mach *Descending 37,000' - 12,000' = -2000 FPM 12,000' - 10,000' = -2000 FPM to -1,000 FPM <10,000' = -1,000 FPM
APU Automatic shutdown conditions (In flight or on ground) -Overspeed/Underspeed -Loss of speed data -Failure to start, accelerate, or light -External short -FADEC failure or loss of FADEC signal
When to do origination checks -First flight of day -Return from significant maintenance -First flight items not signed off
When to do detailed inspection -First flight of day -First flight in new aircraft -After significant maintenance -Anytime A/C condition in question
When are all DC busses energized on ground? -GPU on and connected -At least 1 generator on and shed busses to override -At least 3 generators on. *Shed busses deenergized in FLIGHT if only 1 or 2 generators.
What do the batteries do during APU start? -#2 Starts APU -#1 Provides stable electrical power to voltage transient sensitive equipment.
When does the crossbleed open in auto? -Engine starts
When does the High Stage Valve (HSV) open? -Xbleed engine starts -Icing conditions -Low engine thrust
Emergency Lights -Floor proximity lights (1) -Aisle lights (4) -Exit identifier lights (4) -General area lights (5) -External emergency lights (6) -Exit signs (7) *Total = 27
Walkaround inspection items -Chocks -Tires/Struts -Fluid Leakage -Structural Damage -Access Panels -Bird Strikes -FOD
Lights powered by Ground Service Bus -PAX cabin lights -Lav lights -Galley lights -Courtesy lights -Cockpit dome lights -Baggage/Service compartment lights
Primary and secondary functions of Central Bus? -Primary: Connects APU gen or GPU to load busses though bus tie connectors. -Secondary: Provides bus interconnections in case of asymmetrical configuration (gen. failures/engine shutdowns)
When do main generators come online 56.4% N2
What does the backup battery do? -Provides stabilized power to generator control units -Backup battery charges when battery #1 set to "Auto" -24V DC 5 amp-hour lead acid battery
What has electrical priority: GPU, APU, or batteries? GPU
What do the various buttons/switches on APU panel do? -Master Knob: Deenergizes FADEC, closes APU fuel shutoff valve, disables indicatons & alarms below 10% RPM, commands APU to shut down. -Stop button - Sends stop req. to FADEC -Fuel Shutoff button: Stop request to FADEC, Closes fuel valve at APU and wing
What valves close when the fire handle is pulled? -Fuel -Hydraulic -Bleed air -Engine air inlet ice protection
When is the ATTCS armed? -Both engines ATTCS capable -ATTCS mode selected -A/C on ground -Engines running
Required manuals and documents -Airworthiness Certificate -Registration -Radio Station License -AML -Spare AML sheets -MEL/CDL book -Performance manual -Flip cards -EPC -C.G. Calculator -Unilink Manual -Air Operator Cert. -Cert. of Insurance -Noise cert. information
Monitored doors on EICAS -Main door -Service door -Fueling panel access door -Baggage door -Rear elec. access hatch -Forward elec. access hatch -Under cockpit rigging hatch -Overwing emergency exits
How long does the CVR record for? 2 hours
What is connected to the accessory gearbox? -Hydraulic pumps -Engine driven generators -Air turbine started -Permanent magnetic alternator -Oil pump -Fuel pump metering unit
At what N2 can the PMA power the ignition? The FADEC? 10%, and 50%
Created by: matt63634
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