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Texas Government

Chapters 1 & 2

An organization extending to the whole society that can legitimately use force; a public institution with the authority to allocate values in society Government
government action designed to meet a public need or goal as determined by a legislative body or other authorized officials Public Policy
attitudes, habits, and general behavior patterns that develop over time and affect the political life of a state or region Political culture
to preserve order; formulate, adopt, and implement a public policy Purpose of government
Society is an organism and government must do what is best to save the organism at the expense of smaller parts of the organism Organicism
singular entities in society who are unique and need to be protected and encouraged Individualism
inheritly good True nature of human beings
an agreement to obey laws for protection Social Contract
freedom, order, equality Three basic values of government
What political cultures have most influenced Texas according to political scientist Daniel Elezer Individualistic
source of Texans rugged individualistic image Frontier experience
Four geogrpahic regions of Texas gulf coastal plains, interior lowlands, great plains, basin and range province
Why is Texas populuation growing domestic and international immigration, state economy, and air conditioning
what region has the largest percentage of African-Americans East Texas and urban areas; Harris County
what percentage of Texans are hispanic? 32%
Why did the cotton industry move from East to West? irrigation and mechanical farming equipment
what caused high tech to develop? oil
Partner plants on the Mexican side of the border that use cheap labor to assemble goods then export to the U.S. maquiladoras
basic and neccessary powers inherent powers
powers that belong to the government because they are in the constitution enumerated powers
excercised by different levels of government concurrent powers
protection against invasion and domestic violence, territorial integrity, republican form of government, representation by 2 senators and at least one representative in the U.S. congress, and equitable participation in the constitutional amendment process constitutional guarantees to the states
First constitution to govern Texas territory The Coahuila y Tejas 1828
What event prompted a rewriting og the state constitution on 1875 E.J. Davis' office
Which areas of the country was favored by the 1876 constitution? rural
What is in Article I of the constitution? Bill of Rights
assignment of lawmaking, lawenforcing, and law-interpreting functions to seperate branches of government seperation of powers
Where is the seperation of powers found? Articles 2-5
Patrons of the husbandry; frmaers of constituion Texas GRange
equality under law cannot be denied because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin Equal legal rights amendment (ELRA)
right to vote suffrage
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