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The American Journey

"DMS" The American Journey Ch. 5

revenue Money that comes into the country (British taxed the colonies)
writs of assistance allowed customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods (illegal trading goods)
resolution a formal expression of opinion (passed by Virginia assembly saying only they only had the right to tax its citizens)
effigy rag figures/dolls (like scarecrows that represented tax collectors)
boycott refuse to buy
nonimporation agreements signed by merchants, artisans, and farmers pledging not to buy or use goods imported from Great Britain
repeal cancel (The Stamp Act was repealed or cancelled)
propaganda information that is made to influence someone’s opinion (change their mind or think a particular way)
committee of correspondence an organization that sent around writings about what the colonist didn’t like about Britain
militia groups of citizen soldiers (formed to fight against the British)
minutemen soldiers who claimed they would be ready to fight on a minute’s notice
loyalist colonists that chose to be on Britain’s side because they did not consider unfair taxes to be a reason to rebel against their home country
patriot colonists who were determined to fight the British to the end until American independence was won
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