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Mesentery T2 Embryo

Mesentery T2 Embryo from the notes

Mesentery which forms the esophagageal mesentery Dorsal mesoesophagus
Mesentery which forms the stomach Dorsal mesogastrium
Mesentery which forms the duodenum Dorsal mesoduodenum
Mesentery which forms the jujuneal and ileal loops Mesentery proper
Mesentery whcih forms the colon Dorsal mesocolon
Mesentery which forms the rectum Dorsal mesorectum
Which mesentery forms from the stretching of the septum transversum Ventral mesentery
Septum transversum is formed from... Liver bud
Liver bud grows and expands into which cavity Abdominal
Mesenchyme of septum transversum is stretched and forms... Falciform ligament, Lesser omentum
Small intracellular clefts appear on right side of dorsal mesogastrium and start to form the... Omental bursa
The_____ of the omental bursa extends cranially to the right lung bud; Later the upper part forms the_____ which usally disappers but can form cystic structure located posterior to root of the lung Superior recess, Infracardiac bursa
______grows in lenght and moves to the left due to clefts on right side of dorsal mesentery and causes stomach to rotate 90 degrees clockwise Dorsal mesentery of omental bursa
____ develops from mesenchyme between the 2 layers of dorsal mesogastrium and has mesentery attaching it to stomach and posterior body wall:_______ to posterior abdominal wall and ______ to stomach Spleen, lienorenal ligament, gastrosplenic ligament
______between spleen and kidney forms_____ Dorsal mesogastrium, Lienorenal ligament
_____between spleen and stomach forms____ Dorsal mesogastrium, Gastrosplinic ligament
Develops in both dorsal mesogastrium and dorsal mesoduoenum Pancreas
____forms when omental bursa grows downward forming the _____ Greater omentum, Inferior recess
_____which helps protect abdominal organs and walls off of inflamatory areas Greater omentum
The greater omentum fuses with transverse colon and.... Mesentery of transverse colon
Contributes to crura of diaphragm Dorsal mesoesophagus
Fuses with posterior abdominal wall causing duodenum to become secondarily retroperitoneal Dorsal mesoduodenum
Does not fuse with posterior abdominal wall Mesentery proper
_____becomes secondarily retroperitoneal after fusing with posterior wall and decending colon Dorsal mesentery of ascending colon
Created by: mgjengdahl
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