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fele test prompts

Communication in which a school principal receives feedback from the faculty/staff is up ward( from personnell toa a supervisor)
Which of the following is not true of the educational grapevine? It should be used to transmit sensitive information.
____ is the process of gathering information to identify and define the problem before initiating a project or program. needs assessment
which sequence best describes the order of a needs assessment? collect the data, organize the data, report findings to stakeholders
which statement best desacribes effective classroom planning? the teacher begins by specifying the instructional goals and objectives followed by the strategies for learning.
_____________ provides the most relevant and up to date sources for curriculum development. students and society.
Which of the following represents the proper sequential order in the communication process? Ideating, encodind, transmitting, receiving, decoding, acting
_____________ is horizontal organization of the elements of the curriculum? what students learn during s school year in one class supports and reinforces what they learn in other clasess during the same year.
what tow philophies of education are viewed as traditionalist realism and idealism
what is the first step in instruction? diagnosis
Philosphies reflect a particular school of thought and provide the impetus developing the curriculum's aim, goals, content, and organization
teachers may resist change for all the following reasons Except: belief that the new idea will meld with their current beliefs or practice
an example of reliability in testing is _______________________ items on the test produce the same resoinse each time.
_____________________ is a standardized test in which performance is directly related to the educational objectives(s) Criterion-reference test
Is gathering a necessarry component of formative assessment? No, formative assessmens are intended to give feedback during the learning process, assigning grades is not necessary.
appitute test are standard form of testing that measure the cognitive abilities of students. measure potential capacity for learning. use to predict achievement and for advance placement of students.
Orc model (organizational resistance to change model) accepts that resistance to change is natural. this model sees change as inevitable and essential to organizational and curriculum growth and evelopment. equalization between administrators and teachers (power).
The organizational development model uses a top down , vertical approach where the key players anre the admnistrators, directors, and supervisors. the model uses the tational planning approach ato change, emphasizes teamwork focused on specific issues identified by the key players. make sure the new program fits within the organization.
The organization parts, units, and loops model aserst that units and departments comprise the whole department. Liket state persons in these overlapping workgroups are the linking pins betweens the groups in the organization. main point the organization can create situation and atmosphere for change
The educational change model clear understanding of the characteristics of the change being implemented individual shoud have clear goals and means to implement the program. individual must perceive thath there is wort being made, sense of quality control and process and outcomeare practical.
planning begins with specific learining goals and objectives. then instructional strategies and materials shoulbe selected followed by appropriate evaluation to assess learning.
autocratic leadership style yeilds punitive, harsh and critrical classroom environemtn.
laissez-faire leadershio style yeilds permissive classroom environh=ment where disorderand anarchy dominate.
domocratic leadership style a participatory classroom is expected, firm classroom but friendly, encouraging and stimulating and caring and guiding.
effective classroom procedures prevention and correction of misbehavbior.
education aims and goals are generated from nationwide commissions and task forces comprised of educators, and other influentials citizens, including politicians.
curriculum is impacted at the local by task force of parents, educators, and community groups
design of the curriculumn must include the nature and organization of the aims, goals, and objecgtives, as well as the suject matter, learning activities, and the evaluation. curriculumn design precedes instructional design.
curiculum desgines must specify elements included in the design and develop a blueprint before implementation.
conceptual framework, the organization of the ocmponents of the curriculun consists of two distint dimensions, horizontal and vertical organization.
horizontal organization is a side by side course arrangement where the content of one subject is made relative to the concepts of another related subject. sucess depends on collaboration of teachers of various disciplines at the same grade level
vertical organizational longitudinal treatment of concepts within a subject across grade levels. depends on collaboration and planning among teachers of various grades levels.
dimension withing the curriculum content must also be considered in curriculum design which include curriculum scope, sequence, integration, continuity, articulation and balance
law of readiness when the conduction is ready to conduct, satisfaction is obtained and if readiness is not present, it results in dissatisfaction
law of exercise a connection is strengthened based on the proportion to the number of times it occus, its duration and intensity
law of effect responses accompanied by satisfaction strengthens the connection while responses accompanied by dissatisfaction weaknes the connection.
Hilda Taba recognized that practice alone does not transfer learning; therfore, rote learning and memorization should not be emphasized.
Jerome Bruner contributed the notion that learning is better transaferred when students learn str4ucture rather than by rote memorization
classical conditioning theories emphasized the elicit response aspect of learning through adequate stimuli. Pavlov and watswon
operant conditioning is a behavioral theory promoted by B. Frederick Skinner, it emphasizes learning by following behavior with either positive or negative reinforcers. Uses reinfordces gto increase desirable behavior and punishments to decrease unwanted behavior.
Cocognitive development theories focus human growth and development
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