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existed be
evolved came out
adapted made suitable
hurling jumping
spread guide
popularity fame
booming shining
appeared seemed
straight with out break
consecutive simulataneous
ages times
pleaded requested
filth dirty food
transquilly peacefully
radiant shining
spectacle sight
cautiously carefully
bought purchased
jumped leaped
remember recollect
ruined spoiled
changed altered
silly foolish
sheepish ognorant
urged impelled
rescue saved
eager anxious
torture tension
uncomfortable not comfortable
deter disturb
exploring discovering
adventures noteworthy incident
focussed come to a focue
danger unsafety
contact close union
voyage journey by water
bales bundles
recognise know again
discovered invented
surprised anazed
custom habit
penalty punishment
clarity clearness
timid bad tempered
queer strange
amusing funny
authentic reliable
automatic mechancial
detested hated
powerful active
convention an agreement
inflation increase in prices
minimum limit
famouns well known
personal individual
intelligence cleverness
artifical man made
prakster mischievous
frankly open hearted
sole only
virtues good qualities
unpretentious humble
convict criminal
mantle shelf
charm attraction
cleaved cut
scrumptious tasty
mesmerizing captivating
lashed whipped
destiny fate
mettle courage
surpassed exceeded
credo belief
galley a ship
exhausted tired
Created by: ramandv
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