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The Ammendments


Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press, Opinion, and Speech.
Amendment 2 The freedom to bear arms.
Amendment 3 No military in your home except in war time.
Amendment 4 Search and seizure.
Amendment 5 The right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself.
Amendment 6 The right to a speedy and public trial.
Amendment 7 The right to a jury trial in civil matters of $20 and over.
Amendment 8 The right to fair fines and bail. No cruel and unusual punishment.
Amendment 9 Individual Rights. Rights that are not in the constitution are still rights given to citizens.
Amendment 10 State Rights. Any right not given in the constitution is given to the states to legislate.
Amendment 11 You cannot sue another state except with permission by that state’s judicial system.
Amendment 12 The electoral college must have two separate elections for president and vice president.
Amendment 13 Emancipation. All slaves are free.
Amendment 14 Foreign born citizens can vote.
Amendment 15 All men get the right to vote – including ex-slaves.
Amendment 16 The Federal Income Tax is established.
Amendment 17 The people elect their own US senators.
Amendment 18 Alcohol is prohibited.
Amendment 19 Women get the right to vote.
Amendment 20 January 20th is the day that a new president takes office.
Amendment 21 It is no longer illegal to drink Alcohol. The 18th amendment is struck down.
Amendment 22 A president can only have 2 terms in office.
Amendment 23 Washington DC can vote for the president.
Amendment 24 You may not charge people money so that they can register to vote.
Amendment 25 Lays down the rules for who becomes president if the president dies/resigns etc.
Amendment 26 You can vote at the age of 18.
Amendment 27 Congressmen cannot vote to give themselves a raise in the same term.
Created by: syd324