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0000-01-12 National Youth Day (Swami vivekananda birthday)
0000-01-15 Army day
0000-01-25 National Voter's Day (1950, Jan 25, Election Commision formed)
0000-01-26 Republic day / World mines day
0000-01-30 Martyr's day (The Nation pays homage to the martyrs who suffered and died for the freedom, welfare, and progress of the country, on January 30 every year. It was on January 30, 1948 that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated a little before the sunset when he
0000-02-28 National scientist day. [CV raman discovery day]
0000-03-08 International women's day
0000-03-15 World disabled dayd, Consumer rights day
0000-03-21 World forestry day
0000-03-23 World Meteorological Day
0000-03-26 Independence day (Bagladesh)
0000-04-01 Orissa Day
0000-04-05 National Maritime Day
0000-04-07 World Health Day
0000-04-12 World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day
0000-04-13 Jallianwala Bagh Day
0000-04-15 Himachal Day
0000-04-18 World Heritage Day
0000-04-22 World earth Day
0000-04-23 World book day
0000-04-24 Manav Ekta Divas
0000-05-01 Labourers Day
0000-05-08 Red Cross Day
0000-05-13 National Solidarity Day
0000-05-15 International Day of the Family
0000-05-16 Sikkim Day
0000-05-17 World Telecommunication Day
0000-05-21 Anti-Terrorism Day
0000-05-24 Common Wealth Day
0000-05-29 Everest Day
0000-05-31 World Anti-Tobacco Day
0000-06-05 World Environment Day
0000-06-23 World Prayer Day
0000-06-26 International Day against Drug Abuse and illcit Trafficking
0000-06-27 World Diabetes Day
0000-07-01 Doctors Day
0000-07-04 American Independence Day
0000-07-11 World population Day
0000-07-18 Nelson Mondela International Day (from 2010)
0000-08-01 World Breast Feeding Day
0000-08-06 Hiroshima Day
0000-08-09 Nagasaki Day / Quit India Day
0000-08-15 Independence Day
0000-08-24 Sanskrit Day
0000-08-29 National Sports Day
0000-09-05 Teachers Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan's birthday)
0000-09-08 International Literacy Day
0000-09-27 World Tourism Day
0000-10-02 World Non-violence Day (Gandhi Jayanthi) (from 2007)
0000-10-04 National Integration Day
0000-10-05 World Habitat Day/ World Teachers Day
0000-10-08 Indian Airforce Day
0000-10-09 World Post Day / Post office day
0000-10-10 National post day
0000-10-14 WOrld standards Day
0000-10-16 World Food Day
0000-10-17 National Integration Day (Indira Gandhi's Birthday)
0000-10-21 Police Commemoration Day
0000-10-24 U.N. Day
0000-10-30 WOrld Thrift Day
0000-10-31 National Integration Day
0000-11-14 Childrean's Day /World Diabetic Day
0000-11-18 Sapper's Day
0000-11-19 Citizens Day
0000-12-01 World AIDs Day
0000-12-03 International Day for the disabled
0000-12-04 Navy Day
0000-12-07 Flag Day
0000-12-10 Human Rights Day
0000-12-14 National Energy Conservation Day
0000-12-23 Kisan (Farmers) Day
0000-10-04 World animal day
1921-00-00 Imperial bank of india started
1948-00-00 GATT started
1800-00-00 Fort william college at calcutta started
1935-00-00 Reserve bank of India established
1949-01-01 Reserve bank of India nationalised
1945-10-24 The United Nations Organization came into existence on
1992-06-00 The âEarth Summitâ was held at Rio de Janeiro |
1972-00-00 Simla pact between India and Pakistan
2011-00-00 Year of physics and forest
2011-00-00 Year of disabled soldiers announced by indian military
0000-05-22 International bio diversity day
2004-07-16 Kumbakonam fire accident
1999-10-29 Orissa cyclone
2004-12-26 Tsunami
2001-01-26 Gujarat Earth quake
2009-08-23 Kalignar insurance plan
2007-02-23 farmer safety plan
1947-00-00 Independence act which separated burma from india
2005-04-00 VAT(Value added tax) - Rajastaan
2007-00-00 VAT(Value added tax) - Tamil nadu
1917-00-00 Annipesant becomes the president of indian national congress
1930-00-00 Civil disobedience movement
1881-00-00 Negotiable instrument act
1869-00-00 Suez canal was first opened in
1990-00-00 Human development index was formulated by United Nations in
1922-00-00 Indus valley civilization discovered
1920-00-00 Madras gram panchayat act
1967-00-00 DMK emerged ruling party in tamil nadu
1077-00-00 The year in which Kulottunga 1 sent an embassy of 72 merchants to china
2007-00-00 Grant to the unemployed person
1983-00-00 Krishna river committee
1927-00-00 Niel Statue sathya graha held in
1971-00-00 MISA ( Maintenance of Internal Security Act )
1855-00-00 Tanjore was annexed by british in
1959-00-00 Panchayat Raj introduced in Rajastan, India
1995-00-00 MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System )
1956-00-00 Second gerenal election
1951-10-00 First general election, India (ends at 1952-02-00)
1949-00-00 DMK formed by Anna
1925-00-00 First electric railway was opened (victoria terminus to Kurlek) in
1931-00-00 First electric railway at chennai beach to tambaram
1863-00-00 First cotton mill was setup in India
1949-00-00 Constitution of India was adopted
1951-00-00 First constitutional amendment was made in the year (schedule 9 was added)
1972-00-00 MGR expelled from DMK
1977-00-00 AIADMK came to power in TamilNadu
1963-00-00 First time was no confidence motion mood in the parliment
1916-00-00 South indian liberal federation formed
1917-00-00 South indian liberal federation renamed to Justice party
1896-00-00 Vande madaram was first sung at the session of the Indian National congress
1986-00-00 Year in which legislative council abolished in Tamilnadu by MGR
1974-00-00 Govt passed state autonomy resolution in Jammu and Kashmir
1992-00-00 Mandal commision report implemented
1976-00-00 The fundamental duties were incorporated in the constitution in
1905-00-00 Theory of relativity - Einstein
1948-12-09 Constituent assembly completed its work of constitution making on
1911-00-00 Partition of Bengal cancelled
1905-00-00 Partition of Bengal
1944-00-00 Periyar reorganized justice party as Dravida kazhagam (DK)
1920-00-00 EV Ramasay - The preside of tamil nadu congress
1773-00-00 Supreme court of India was setup by the Regulating act 1773
1906-00-00 Muslim league established
1799-10-16 Kattabomman was hanged to death
1977-00-00 In which year the parliment create the office of leader of opposition which enjoys cabinet rank
1956-00-00 ONGC (Oil and Natual gas Corporation) was setup
1980-00-00 Entrepreneur agency was established in
1991-00-00 The Rao Manmohan model of economic development of initiated in
1946-00-00 UNICEF was established
1995-00-00 WTO (World trade organization) was started
2001-00-00 Doha declaration is passed in the year
1936-00-00 Bombay manifesto against the claims for socialistic society was released in the year
2000-00-00 National population policy was introduced
1958-00-00 DRDO (Defence research and development organisation) formed
1980-00-00 Department of DRDO formed
1949-00-00 Teritorial army formed
1948-00-00 NCC (national caded cops) formed
1977-00-00 Coastal guards
1924-00-00 Candonment board
1988-00-00 First missile Prithvi (250 km can be attacked) tested. 1993 - accepted by indian army
1993-00-00 First missile Prithvi (250 km can be attacked) tested. 1993 - accepted by indian army
1989-00-00 Agni missile (surface to surface) (2500 km)
1990-00-00 Akash surface to air missile (25 Km)
1948-00-00 atomic energy commission (AEC)
1954-00-00 Department of Atomic Energy
1974-05-18 Pokhran, Rajastan at the depth of 100m. (Buddha's smiling)
1998-05-11 Pokhran, Rajastan at the depth of 100m. (Operation sakthi) (1998 may 11 & 13)
1998-05-13 Pokhran, Rajastan at the depth of 100m. (Operation sakthi) (1998 may 11 & 13)
1957-00-00 Atomic energy establishment at 1957 (renamed baba atomic research center [BARC] in 1967)
1967-00-00 Atomic energy establishment at 1957 (renamed baba atomic research center [BARC] in 1967)
1984-00-00 CAT(Center for Advanced Technology) at Indore
1977-00-00 NECC - Research in Nuclear physics at Calcutta
1964-07-00 IDBI Established its Head Office (HO) at Mumbai
1990-04-12 SIDBI Head Office at Lucknow
1982-07-00 NABARD bank - head office mumbai - based on Sivaraman committee report
1982-01-01 EXIM bank formed - Head office at Mumbai
1988-07-09 National Housing bank (Head Office - Delhi)
1955-07-00 Imperial bank of india started -1921) Imperial to SBI -Nationalised
1959-07-19 Seven associate bank of SBI nationalised
1969-00-00 14 banks nationalised in Indira Gandhi PM period
1980-04-15 6 banks nationalised
2008-08-00 State bank of Saurashtra merged with SBI
2010-08-00 State bank of Indore merged with SBI
2010-11-16 2G spectrum issue- Raja arrested (Justice Sivaraj patel committee) (2001-2009)
2010-01-17 West bengal chief minister Jothi Basu died
2009-09-02 YS Rajasekar reddy died (helicopter crash)
2009-06-25 Michael Jackson died
1992-12-06 Babur Masjit demolished
2009-06-30 Liberon commission submitted the report on Babar Masjit demolisation
2010-11-13 Aung San Suu Kyi [Burmese opposition politician ]released from house arrest
2001-11-13 Parliment attack by terrorist
2008-10-07 Atomic agreement between India and America
2004-09-17 Central govt announced tamil language as semmozhi
2008-11-26 Mumbai attack
2008-09-15 1 Rupee 1 kilo rice in tamil Nadu
2009-05-29 Stalin appointed as Deputy Chief Minister
1966-00-00 The year which was celebrated by the general assembly of the UNO as the international year for human rights.
1980-00-00 In which olympic games did India last win a gold medal in the field hockey? [1980, moscow)
1916-00-00 Moderate and extremists united (Lucknow session)
1929-00-00 Jawarhalal Nehru was the president of congress in 1929 when it declared Poorna Swaraj as its objective.
1969-01-00 Madras province was renamed as TamilNadu
1937-00-00 In TamilNadu legislative assembly was established in the year
1906-00-00 Muslim league established.
1852-00-00 The Madras native association was started
1911-00-00 DE Ashe, collector of tirunelveli, killed by vanchinathan
1972-00-00 The indian post and telegraph department issued postage stamps in honour of VO Chidambaram pillai.
1763-00-00 Bitts indian act.
1909-00-00 Minto-Morley reforms.
1919-00-00 Montague-chelmsford reforms
1929-00-00 The Annamalai university at Annamalai nagar was founded.
1980-00-00 The National Rural Employment programme was implemented in TamilNadu.
1968-00-00 The Second world tamil conference was held.
1915-00-00 Gandhiji founded the Sabar mathi ashram
1862-00-00 Hight court in Madras established.
1906-00-00 Sudesi movement year (1905/1906)
1905-00-00 Sudesi movement year (1905/1906)
1914-00-00 (1914-1918) First world war.
2009-00-00 Barack Obama won the Nobel price for Peace.
1675-00-00 Benkoji first maratha ruler in Tanjore.
2001-08-06 Airwadi - fire accident
1985-05-30 Moor market fire accident
1920-00-00 Non-cooperative movement
2009-05-00 Competition commission of India (CCI) became operational from?
2009-00-00 Barack Hussain Obama became the 44th President of USA
1922-00-00 Cheauri cheura incident took place
1884-00-00 Madras mahajana sabha formed.
2009-00-00 Rajiv Gandhi udayami mitra yojana was launched
2002-00-00 When did national biodiversity act of India come into existence.
2001-01-17 The election commission of India completed 50 years of its existence.
2006-00-00 The electorial list with photograph is introduced in TamilNadu
1888-00-00 Allahabad - George yele (president of congress)
1899-00-00 Lucknow - Dr. RC dutt - President of Congress
1917-00-00 Calcutta - annipesant - President of Congress
1925-00-00 Kanpur - Sarojini Naidu - President of Congress
2010-00-00 India's first open jail for women - Pune.
2010-00-00 Sahitya academy award - Sudiya poo sudarka
1993-00-00 Insat II sucessfully launched |
2001-00-00 The sex ratio of india 933 women/1000men
2001-00-00 Population of India - 1027 million
2004-00-00 United nations declared International year of Rice
2004-00-00 2004-2005 Mani shankar Iyear was the central cabinet minister for Petroleum
1857-00-00 Madras University established.
2002-00-00 Tamil virtual university was inaugurated.
1915-00-00 Local self goverment established in India.
1982-00-00 Bharathiyar university was established.
2002-00-00 Winter olympic games held in USA, Salt lake city.
1870-00-00 India's First new paper bengal gazette published.
1993-00-00 The ordinance converting the chief election commission from single member body to multi-member body was made.
1953-00-00 The first linguistic state in independent India - (Andrapradesh 1953)
2009-00-00 Kalpana chawla award was given to kamala kandasamy (2009)
1977-00-00 The first non congress prime minister of India - Moraji Desai - janatha party (1977)
1924-00-00 EV Ramasamy periyar was the founder of self-respect movement in TamilNadu (1924-1925)
1953-00-00 Central social welfare board was organised.
1952-00-00 Committee development programme was launched.
2001-12-11 China became 143rd member of world trade organisation(WTO)
1799-00-00 Madras presidency (1799) - Which is the first state established by the british rulers in India.
2002-00-00 Nobel peace prize - Jimmy Carter.
1784-00-00 Madras courier , first journal of TamilNadu.
2002-00-00 The POTA act was first implemented (repelled 2004)
1992-00-00 Cradle baby scheme in Tamil nadu by J.Jayalalitha.
1956-00-00 The prostitution is made as an offence by the suppression of immoral traffic act.
1986-00-00 The environmental protection act was legislated.
1990-00-00 Human development index was formulated by United Nations.
1995-00-00 Tanjore - 8th world tamil conference was held
1991-08-00 Dr. Raja J chellaih - Tax reforms committee was setup.
1991-07-00 The new industrial policy was announced.
1964-02-00 The UTI was formally established.
1986-00-00 In India, AIDS was first reported.
1971-00-00 Credit for starting Space Science research in India goes to V.Sarabhai in 1971
1972-00-00 The wild life protection act.
1972-00-00 The world conference on human environment was held.
1960-00-00 In 1960 mid, the green revolution.
1954-00-00 The first tamil nadu Chief minister to be awarded bharatha rathna - C.Gopala chari, 1988- MGR, 1976-Kamarajar
1988-00-00 The first tamil nadu Chief minister to be awarded bharatha rathna - C.Gopala chari, 1988- MGR, 1976-Kamarajar
1976-00-00 The first tamil nadu Chief minister to be awarded bharatha rathna - C.Gopala chari, 1988- MGR, 1976-Kamarajar
1989-00-00 Where is the veterinary university in Tamilnadu located? Chennai-1989
1980-10-02 The IRDP was extended to all blocks in India.
1999-00-00 Money laundering bill was introduced
1995-01-00 In which year India becomes the founder member in WTO
1969-00-00 In which year was the SDR (Special drawing rights), the international asset created by IMF (International monetary fund)
1952-00-00 National Development Council approved the 5 year plan
2010-08-31 National heritage animal - Elephant
2009-10-05 National water living animal - Dolphin (manmohan singh)
2001-00-00 UN year of Volunteers
2005-00-00 International year of physical education
2006-00-00 International year of desert and desertification
2007-00-00 International year of Dolphin
2008-00-00 International year of potato, planet earth, sanitation, and languages
2009-00-00 International year of reconciliation, national fibre and astronomy
2010-00-00 International year of bio-diversity
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