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8th Grade Wrap-Up

Final review of 8th grade US History- Mrs. Martin

You huddled masses yearning to breathe free... IMMIGRANTS
Stop monopolies from forming ANTITRUST ACT
Awful industrial accident that led to thousands of deaths in a textile factory TRIANGLE SHIRTWAIST FACTORY FIRE
Progressive era folks who exposed corruption and greed MUCKRAKERS
Early women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony
Another early women's rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton
famous waterway that shortens trade route between Atlantic and Pacific built during Teddy Roosevelt's era Panama Canal
Final straw that set off the Great War (World War I) Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The main goal of this document, written by Woodrow Wilson, was to prevent future wars FOURTEEN POINTS
A high point in the awareness of African American culture and contributions to American society Harlem Renaissance
This led to the increased growth in the 1920s consumerism
During the Great Depression, the shantytowns that began to grow because the President did not provide any aid to the poor. Hoovervilles
A key event during the Great Depression Stock Market Crash
During the Great Depression the Great Plains saw a severe drought. The Dust Bowl
"...a date which will live in infamy..." Pearl Harbor
During both world wars women worked here to support the war effort FACTORIES
Provide aid to rebuild Western Europe after World War II MARSHALL PLAN
This resulted from the opposing goals of the United States and the USSR COLD WAR
Rosa Parks' actions led to this Montgomery Bus Boycott
This President was involved in a scandal because he approved of illegal acts Nixon
This was the name of the scandal when President Nixon approved of illegal acts Watergate
America followed a policy in foreign affairs that kept it out of the business of others isolationism
Before World War II, the US was committed to not taking sides, which is also called this. neutrality
This document ended World War I but some argue led to World War II. Treaty of Versailles
Freedom Riders and other sought to bring an end to laws that segregated and were sometimes called this. Jim Crow laws
Germany had to pay for all the damages of World War I and those payments are called this. reparations
newspapers that told exaggerated stories to sell more papers were using this technique yellow journalism
FDR's solution to the problems of the Great Depression included public works projects and was called this. New Deal
The 18th Amendment made the selling and making of alcohol illegal and was sometimes also called this. Prohibition
This secret document between Germany and Mexico brought the United States into World War I. Zimmerman Telegram
When this boat was sunk it was another factor that brought the US into World War I. Lusitania
When the US wanted to help its Allies before World War II but didn't want to get involved it began the... Lend Lease Acts
The period after the Civil War during which there was an effort to rebuild the South was called... Reconstruction
This court case overturned Plessy v. Ferguson. Brown v. Board of Education
Created by: ekvmartin
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