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Vocal Music I Final

differences between musical theatre and opera opera has no dialog
Differences between musical theatre and plays musicals- music has something to do with show
What is the book of a musical? the story of the show and spoken dialog
What is the libretto lyrics and book combined
what is the score the music and lyrics combined
what is a torch song song about lost love
What is an 11'o clock # character has a revelation in the song
what is an I am song tells who a person is
what is a i want song tells about what the character wants
Book musical traditional musical, strong story that drives the plot and characters
revue a collection of songs with a connective theme
concept musical musical where the message is as important or more important then the actual story
jukebox musical musical only using songs from a certain artist
rock musical musical that uses pop/ rock music as their main style of music
rock opera same as rock musical except little to no dialog
describe minstrelsy stock characters JIm crow- country bumpkin zip coon-arrogant city slicker
what is the minstrelsy line all performers sit in semi circle white host( mr.inerlocuter) in center. endmen would lead in jokes songs and dances
what is the olio variety of acts performed infront of a backdrop
what is the afterpiece portrayed a popular novel topic or play
who was the most famous minstrel composer all johlson
african american performer in minstrel hired by florenz zigefeld bert williams
who created the first vaudeville theatre tony pastor
what was it's location 14th st theatre
most successful vaudeville circuit keith and Albee
what was the most important theatre in vaudeville the palace theatre
Created by: littlemusicnote
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