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REA Test 2 Nik

"As advertising developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, some marketers used fear to sell products. Which of the following disease-sounding words was created to sell Listerine? " Halitosis 2
"The agency that resettled tens of thousands of Civil War refugees, built dozens of hospitals, and issued millions of rations to the poor and hungry was " the Freedmen's Bureau. 3
"What general led the U.S. offensive in the Pacific theatre during World War II? " General Douglas MacArthur 11
"Who was Arthur Levitt? " Builder of planned communities 13
"The heaviest casualties in the Spanish-American War came as a result of " tropical diseases. 14
"What is the name of Booker T. Washington's famous school for blacks in the South? " Tuskegee Institute 18
"""About 150,000 WAC members and nearly as many WAVES served in World War II."" What does this statement refer to? " Women serving with the armed forces 27
"An ongoing event in the 1920s that focused on finding communists hidden in the U.S. was called " the Red Scare. 36
The year 1968 was marred by the assassinations of two important public figures; Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy. 37
"Which candidate for president in the election of 1992 won the most popular votes for an independent party in several decades? " Ross Perot 42
"What area of the U.S. was most affected by the ""Dust Bowl"" phenomenon of the 1930s? " Southern Plains states 45
"Where did Puerto Ricans tend to settle in 1950s America? " New York 52
"The movie industry thrived during the Great Depression. Which of the following films opened in the 1940s and dealt with issues of economic depression in a serious manner? " The Grapes of Wrath 53
"In the infamous Scottsboro case, who were the accusers? " Two white women 55
"Malcolm X broke with which organization in 1964? " The Nation of Islam 60
"Lend-Lease allowed the U.S. to do what? " Break the Neutrality Act by selling arms to Great Britain 62
"What are the dates of the Korean War? " 1950-1953 63
"""Zoot suit"" refers to " a clothing style worn mostly by male Latino teens in the 1940s. 66
"The largest armada ever assembled was at " Normandy, France. 67
"The heaviest U.S. casualties in the Pacific during World War II were sustained at " Okinawa. 68
The American diplomat usually associated with the Cold War policy of containment is George F. Kennan. 71
"In 1983, who did Reagan refer to as the ""Evil Empire""? " The Soviet Union 72
"What was the conclusion of the Berlin blockade and airlift? " The Soviets stopped the blockade 73
"What is the ""Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944"" more commonly known as? " The GI Bill 75
________ was NOT one of the major decisions of the Yalta conference in 1945 India would become an autonomous nation. 78
"Which countries border Vietnam to the west and were involved in the Vietnam War? " Laos and Cambodia 80
"The man who succeeded Stalin and with whom Eisenhower had to deal was " Nikita Khrushchev. 84
what issue forced President Eisenhower to take a stand on civil rights? The desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas 91
"What was the U.S. plan for the Bay of Pigs invasion? " Armed Cuban exiles launched from offshore U.S. boats would land on the beach and encourage the Cuban people to rise up and revolt against Castro. 93
"The Marshall Plan has been called one of the most important pieces of foreign policy in U.S. history. What did the plan do? " Provided $13 billion in loans to Western Europe's recovery effort 95
"AIM is an acronym for what group of militants that seized the deserted Alcatraz island in 1969 and kept it until 1971? " American Indian Movement 100
"In what year was the famous Tet offensive of the Vietnam War? " 1968 101
"Why did President Lyndon Johnson not run for reelection in 1968? " He did not want to further divide the country over his war politics. 102
In 1992 President George H. W. Bush sent peacekeeping troops to what African country in a mission that ended in disaster in 1993? Somalia 103
"Nixon nominated three justices considered to be conservative. Therefore, he was surprised when the famous Roe v. Wade case was handed down, as it was considered a liberal ruling. The judge who wrote the decision was " Harry Blackmun 107
"A book called The Feminine Mystique galvanized the feminist movement in the 1960s. It was written by " Betty Friedan. 110
"A nickname often used for President Ronald Reagan is " the "Great Communicator." 111
"In 1990 the Senate voted whether to authorize the president to take military action against Iraq for its invasion of Kuwait. What was the result of that vote? " A slim majority of votes were given for war 116
"What was the important legislation passed in 1990 that covered most employees in the country and all businesses with over 25 employees? " The Americans with Disabilities Act
Created by: wendyk44
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