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AMT Test Prep

Medical Assisting

The threat of touching someone without permission is called Assault
Urine that contain blood is called hematuria
Which of the following diseases involves incomplete expansion of the lung Atelectasis
Which hormone is NOT secreted by the anterior pituitary Melatonin
A major function of the large intestines is to Reasorb water
Sperm is produced in the Seminiferous tubes
Which of the following describes where blood is filtered in the kidney Bowman's capsule
According to Kohlberg, many people do not reach the highest level of moral development
Freud was the first person to discuss which of the following concepts in psychology The unconsious mind
The statue that protects healthcare givers when providing emergency care within their scope of ability is the Good Samaritan Act
Which of the following is not a licensed healthcare worker Medical Assistant
The document that represents the wishes of an individual regarding end-of-life treatment called an living will
CLIA is the abbreviation for Clinical lab Improvement ACT
Which type of appointment scheduling is most likely to be used for short patient visits in an office with multiple practitioners Double- booking
Which of the following completes the necessary paperwork for the insurance company on referral? Medical Assistant
A numeric filing system may include portions of the patient's social security number
The policy and procedures manual is written jointly by the physician and the staff
Which of the following items is an output device? Monitor
Physicians and other health care professionals who contract with the insurance carrier to provide patient care are called preferred providers
The process of using the number enrolled in a plan to determine salary of the physician is called capitation
In most states, the employer pays a premium to an insurance carrier for a policy known as worker's compensation insurance
popliteal located at the back of the knee; used to measure the blood pressure in the leg
Dorsalis pedis located in the top of the foot
Dorsal-recumbent position the patient is supine with the legs bent at the knee and feet flat on the exam table and spread about shoulder width
The normal speed for an EKG machine is 25mm/second
To take vital signs on an infant, the medical assistant should use the stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs while the parent hold the child
The Snellen test measures visual acuity
Lack of payment is not considered serious until after 90 days
Physical inventory should be taken at least once a year
The information entered on claims is called medical information
Wave scheduling works best when used in which of the following types? large medical facilities
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