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Peterson Test 3 Nik

"Which of the following was NOT a subject that local colorists would have written about? Pre-Civil War Southern plantations , Life in a Western mining camp, Factory life in the Northeast, Settling the Great Plains or, Life in a New England village " Factory life in the Northeast 6
________ is a novel set in an ideal socialist society Looking Backward 8
Conformity was a characteristic of what decade? 1950s 20
The greatest concern of Western environmentalists in the 1970s and 1980s was . water conservation. 22
Relations between the United States and the Soviet Union suffered a setback during the Reagan administration, because the Soviets considered Reagan's Star Wars program to be offensive weaponry. 23
"The area of domestic policy where Reagan's and George H.W. Bush's administrations were most successful was in " "reshaping the federal courts along more conservative lines. 27"
President George H.W. Bush lost support among conservatives because "he went back on his promise of no new taxes. 28 "
the ___________ did NOT follow the example of Martin Luther King's philosophy of nonviolence American Indian Movement 33
Sherman Silver Purchase Act was passed in? 1890 34
________ is a British philosopher and social theorist, was a noted social Darwinist. Herbert Spencer 37
The prairie style of architecture was the work of who? "Frank Lloyd Wright 38"
Higher education responded to the changes in society and the economy in the late 1800s by "building colleges that conferred degrees in the applied sciences. 41"
The United States was looking for way stations for its merchant ships and the U.S. navy on the routes to and from East Asia, best describes the United States' interest in the Pacific in thecentury late nineteenth 43
Jim Crow" was a term used to describe legal restrictions against African Americans in the South. 47
The Populists were not able to deliver the farm vote for Bryan in what elections? 1896 49
City housekeeping has failed partly because women, the traditional housekeepers, have not been consulted." At the turn of the twentieth century, the line of thinking evident in this quotation was used to support what? Women's suffrage 53
reduction of the tariff was an effort of ___________ to reform government progressives 54
In World War I African Americans primarily "saw duty in labor battalions. 59 "
"I can predict with absolute certainty that within another generation there will be another world war if the nations of the world do not concert* the method by which to prevent it." who said this? Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt had a similar vision to create a world body dedicated to preserving peace and fostering global cooperation. 62
Although Wilson lost most of his Fourteen Points, which of the following did Wilson see included in the Treaty of Versailles? The League of Nations 63
"the American System is founded upon the conception that only through ordered liberty, freedom, and equal opportunity to the individual will his initiative and enterprise spur on the march of progress." This policy lost the presidency for who? "Herbert Hoover 65"
"Which of the following is NOT associated with the ""lost generation""? a. Edith Wharton b. Gertrude Stein c. Ernest Hemingway d. F. Scott Fitzgerald e. T.S. Eliot " a. Edith Wharton 66
A similarity between the 1920s and the 1980s is concern over the lack of traditional values. 70
________was an African American writer who grew up in Harlem, but he wasn't born until 1924. Perhaps his best-known work is the novel Go Tell It on a Mountain James Baldwin 71
________ were first-time Democratic voters for Al Smith in 1928 and continued to vote Democratic in 1932 Northern urban workers 76
______ is the significance of the New Deal cultural programs They created a rich heritage of words, music, and visual images for future generations of Americans. 79
the Second New Deal did not increase aid to sharecroppers and tenant farmers through the AAA 83
Keynesian economic theory was validated by government spending to fight World War II. 86
Isolationists and America Firsters believed the Neutrality Acts did not encourage ______'saggression Hitler 89
Critics claimed that Roosevelt and Churchill gave away Eastern Europe to Stalin at what conference? Yalta 92
"""If this was allowed to go unchallenged, it would mean a third world war, just as similar incidents had brought on the second world war."" The ""this"" that President Truman is referring to is the" North Korean invasion of South Korea. 94
The sexual revolution is _____a characteristic of U.S. society in the 1950s NOT 103
The 1950s saw a further change in U.S. policy toward Native Americans when the government adopted the policy of termination. 107
______ were LEAST likely to vote for Lyndon Johnson in 1964 Southern Democrats 110
_______ is a rocker who sings about the blue-collar life. He became popular after the counterculture of the 1960s. Bruce Springsteen 111
The provisions of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not contain It prohibited lending institutions from using different guidelines for minority homebuyers than for white buyers. 113
Created by: wendyk44
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