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Final Exam SS8

Review for the Final Exam

Ended Slavery 13th Amendment
Allows for due process for all citizens and the "equal protection" of laws for all citizens 14th Amendment
Granted African Americans the right to vote 15th Amendment
Prohibited the sale or production of alcohol (prohibition) 18th Amendment
Repealed the prohibition amendment 21st Amendment
Movement urging citizens to refrain from drinking alcohol temperance
the right to vote suffrage
Granted women the right to vote 19th Amendment
writers who exposed the corruption and abuses of business, government and society muckrakers
a fee that would have to be paid in order to vote poll tax
Stated that if your grandfather could vote, you could vote even if you failed the literacy test or poll tax grandfather clause
tests in which a person would read a part of a state or federal constitution and be asked questions about it literacy test
Attempted elimination of the Jews during WWII Holocaust
Rise in prices/decrease in the value of money inflation
Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace following WWI in which he called for the League of Nations 14 Points
Laws in the post-Reconstruction South that required segregation in public places Jim Crow Laws
Event that led to the US declaring war on Japan and entering WWII Pearl Harbor
Civil Rights leader known for civil disobedience and his "I Have a Dream Speech" during the March on Washington Martin Luther King Jr.
Incident that led to the resignation of President Nixon Watergate
Book written by Upton Sinclair that exposed the abuses of the meatpacking industry The Jungle
radio speeches given by FDR during the Great Depression and WWII to reassure the American people fireside chats
Nickname for the communities of homeless people who lived in temporary shelter at the edge of cities at the beginning of the Great Depression Hoovervilles
Idea that the United States reserves the right to intervene in the affairs of Latin America Roosevelt Corollary
The breakup of this nation marked the official end of the Cold War Soviet Union
US policy during the Cold War designed to stop the spread of communism. Examples: Korean War, Vietnam War, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine containment policy
New Deal law that established a system of unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers Social Security Act
The US government responded to the shortages of many things during WWII by requiring Americans to do this ration
Supreme Court case that stated that segregation was legal as long as facilities are "separate but equal" Plessy v. Ferguson
Supreme Court case that ruled that "separate but equal" had no place and that segregation was unconstitutional and overruled Plessy v. Ferguson Brown v. Board of Education
Period of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union that began following WWII Cold War
designed to limit immigrants from certain nations quota system
East Coast point of entry for immigrants entering the United States Ellis Island
Which group later received an apology and money from the federal government as a result of their internment during World War II? Japanese Americans
Policies of FDR designed to stimulate the economy and end the Great Depression. Some disagreed with so much government involvement in the economy and peoples lives New Deal
Immediate cause of WWI Assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand
Mass movement of African Americans to Northern cities in search of job opportunities Great Migration
The United States built a canal here to shorten the voyage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Panama
Ended WWI. Required Germany to pay reparations, accept blame for the war and disarm Treaty of Versailles
One nation's control over another. It is a cause of WWI because nations fought over colonies imperialism
This event was caused, in part by the Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Hitler, failures of the League of Nations, and appeasement World War II
reasons an immigrant left (or emigrated from) their "home" country push factors
reasons an immigrant moved to a particular country pull factors
a movement designed to limit immigration and promote "native" people and ideas. nativism
separation of the races. Declared constitutional by Plessy v. Ferguson and, later, unconstitutional by Brown v. Board of Education segregation
ban on production, distribution and sale of alcohol prohibition
to conserved, people were encourage to grow these: small gardens in their homes or on their patios to save food victory gardens
sold to help fund the war effort war bonds
company where "shares" are sold to stockholders corporation
nickname of Theodore Roosevelt. Called this because of his idea that "bad" trusts should be broken up and "good" trusts should be controlled trustbuster
law passed to limit monopolies and trusts Sherman Anti-trust Act
economic downturn that followed the Roaring 20s and began with the stock market crash of 1929. Great Depression
giving into demands to keep peace appeasement
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