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Famous American SOL

An African American minister who promoted peace and equality: __________ Luther King Martin
First African American justice on the Supreme Court: Thurgood ____________ Marshall
Mexican American who worked to improve conditions for migrant workers: Cesar ________ Chavez
She refused to give up her seat on the bus which was at the time required by law. Rosa Parks
He was the US President that freed the slaves. Lincoln
He was our third president. He was born in Virginia. Jefferson
He helped establish the basic principles of our government because he was our first leader. George Washington
This day is our November holiday to recognize the people in our country who have served in the military Veteran's
The holiday is in May. We remember the people who have given their lives in wars. Memorial Day
This is the holiday to celebrate the discovery of the Americas. Columbus Day
This is our holiday to celebrate the day we became a country and free from England's rule. Independence Day
This holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February. We celebrate birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. President's Day
This holiday is celebrated with a harvest feast. Thanksgiving Day
We celebrate Martin Luther King Day on his birthday because he was very important to this movement that promoted peace among people. civil rights
This is the name of George Washington's home in Virginia. Mount Vernon
This is the name of Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia Monticello
Lincoln was President during this terrible war. Civil War
In what month do we celebrate Independence Day? July
In what month do we celebrate Memorial Day? May
In what month do we celebrate Veteran's Day? November
In what month do we celebrate Columbus Day? October
A group of people living together in one place sharing responsibilities community
A person who freely offers to take part in an activity or an undertake a task to serve their community. volunteer
Created by: mrstompkins