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Roper - 11-1 - Final

History Final

Dates of the Battle of Gettysburg July 1,2,3, 1863
He defeated the left flank of the Union line on the second day of the Gettysburg Battle Chamberlin
Where would he do this? Little Round Top
This famous charge took place of the 3rd day of the battle at Gettysburg Pickett's Charge
He spoke for 2 hours at Gettysburg Edward Everett
Grant took this city on the Mississippi on July 4, 1863 Vicksburg
He marched through Georgia Gen. William T. Sherman
Lee surrendered to Grant in their front yard The McLean's
Lincoln was assassinated in this theatre in Washington, DC Ford's Theatre
His statue stands across from the Plaza Hotel on 5th Ave Gen. William T. Sherman
Only president entombed in NYC President Ulysses S. Grant
Thaddeus Stevens was one of their leaders Radical Republicans
This amendment outlawed slavery 13th
Lincoln's greatest speech Second Inaugural
Became Vice-President on March 4, 1865 Andrew Johnson
Northerners who went South to help the freed Blacks Carpetbaggers
Southerners who help the freed Blacks Scalawags
He won the popular vote in the election of 1876 Samuel Tilden
He won the electoral vote in the election of 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes
He used vertical integration Andrew Carnegie
He used horizontal inegration John D. Rockefeller
He was the founder of the AF and L Samual Gompers
He invented the elevator brakes Otis
He was the 'grandfather' of the skyscraper Louis Sullivan
Where primarily are the skyscrapers in Manhattan Midtown and Downtown
Where did the German Jews live in Manhattan East Harlem
What type of workers were they Skilled
Where in Manhattan did the Eastern European Jews settle Lower East Side
They lived in this type of structure Tenements
He wrote about the ending of the geographical frontier in the U.S. Frederick Jackson Turner
Tenements with 'air shafts' were called Dumbbell shafts
Only immigration law that actually had the name of the group to be kept out of the U.S. Chinese Exclusion Act
A leader of Tammany Hall in NYC William Marcy "Boss" Tweed
Tammany Hall was associated with this political party Democratic Party
This reality was the 'bottom ine' to Tammany Hall Votes - to keep the power
Segregation laws in the South Jim Crow Laws
Plessey vs Ferguson gave us this famous legal phrase "Seperate but Equal"
A co-founder of the NAACP W.E.B. DuBois
He believed that education was the road to racial equality Booker T. Washington
How many inventions to Thomas A. Edison's credit 1,093
List four of them Phonograph, Amplifier, first motion picture, filament inside the light bulb
She believes that you had to live among the poor to help them Jane Addams
He lost all his troops at Little Big Horn Gen. George Custer
This was the army's revenge for Little Big Horn Indian Policy
This Act attempted to Americanize the Native Americans Dawes Act
This president and Washington would take the Oath in NYC President Chester A. Arthur
This Act of Congress would create the Civil Service Pendleton Act
A Party founded by farmers Populist
It wanted government to regulate these Railroads
Congress would pass this Act to do it Interstate Commerce Act
The farmers wanted this to be the U.S. monetary standard Silver
"...not at rest nor necessarily its final destination" - Who wrote those words William Howard Taft
What was the name of the Supreme Court case from which they came Stafford vs Wallace (sausages)
Populist - Democratic candidate in 1896 William Jennings Bryan
He would win the election in 1896 President William McKinley
She said - "Plant less corn and raise more hell!" Mary Ellen Lease
What was Alaska called Seward's Folly
He said that the U.S. needed a strong Navy Alfred Mahan
It would become a U.S. naval base in Hawaii Pearl Harbor
Was wanted by the U.S. as a refueling station in the Pacific Hawaii
This President did not want to annex Hawaii President Cleveland
He ordered the U.S. Pacific fleet to Manila Bay in the Philippines Theodore Roosevelt
What position did he have in the McKinley administration Admiral of the Navy
It sunk in Havana Harbor USS Maine
Secretary of State - American Imperialism John Hay
These two newspaper owners sent reporters to Cuba William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
The 'Rough Riders' charged up this hill Kettle Hill
He was the actual commander of the 'Rough Riders' Leonard Wood
They went before the 'Rough Riders' up Kettle Hill 9th and 10th black regiment
He was ordered by TR to go to Manila Bay Admiral Dewey
Name of the U.S. Naval and Marine base in Cuba Guantanamo Bay
He negotiated the peace between Japan and Russia Theodore Roosevelt
Where did he do this Portsmouth, New Hampshire
He won this for doing so Nobel Peace Prize
Term used for the 'carving-up' of China Spheres of Influence
John Hay's policy concerning China Open Door Policy
In 1900's - it was becoming the most industrial nation in Asia Japan
T.R. initiated this major project Panama Canal
Book written by Upton Sinclair The Jungle
This book would give us this Act of Congress The Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act
T.R. sent this around the world Great White Fleet
How many battle ships did it have 16
Panama originally belonged to this country Columbia
T.R. extension of the Monroe Doctrine was called this Roosevelt Corollary
Amendment - Income Tax 16th
Amendment - No denial to vote because of sex 19th
Amendment - Direct election of U.S. Senators 17th
Amendment - Prohibition 18th
Name of a high tariff Aldrich Payne-Aldrich Tariff (?)
The 'Czar of the House' Joe Cannon
This man challenged his power George Norris
Elected President in 1908 William Taft
He was very critical of Taft as a President Theodore Roosevelt
The three elections that William Jennings Bryan ran in and lost 1896, 1900, 1908
President - 'Dollar Diplomacy' William Taft
The three presidential candidates in 1912 Taft, Roosevelt, Wilson
This would lower tariffs Underwood-Simmons Tariff
The 'banks' bank Federal Reserve
Woodrow Wilson had been President of this University Princeton University
Woodrow Wilson's father was a ____ Presbyterian Minister (supported South's secession from the Union)
Woodrow Wilson was the only President to have one of these PHD (in History)
It sunk off the southern coast of Ireland in 1915 Lusitania
Woodrow Wilson was the son of a ____ Presbyterian Minister
Telegram from Germany to Mexico Zimmerman Telegram
He was making a disturbance on the U.S. southern border Francisco "Pancho" Villa
How many Americans died on the 'Lusitania' 128
The German Plan to take Paris Schrieffer Plan
Commander of U.S. troops in Europe in 1917 Gen. John J. Pershing
Was the Gaptain of the U.S. Battery 'D' in the Great War Truman
Represented France at Versailles in 1919 Clemenceau
Month/Day/Year - the Great War ends November 11, 1918
Represented Britain at Versailles in 1919 Lloyd George
Represented Italy at Versailles in 1919 Orlando
Represented the U.S. at Versailles in 1919 Wilson
This nation involved in the Great War was not represented at Versailles in 1919 Germany
France and Prussia met here after the Franco-Prussian War Versailles
France had to pay these to Prussia Reparations
He helped to feed Europe - especially Belgium - during the Great War Hoover
Name two countries that were created in Europe at the Versailles Conference Yugoslavia and Czechoslavakia
Part of Germany added to create Czechoslavakia Sudetenland
What were taken away from Germany and given over to Poland Water Ports
The U.S. would not join this international organization League of Nations
What U.S. Senator would be most responsible for this Henry Cabot Lodge
This nation was created by putting three different Islamic groups together Iraq
Only two men to run for national office five times FDR and Richard Nixon
Which one received the most popular vote FDR
The word Warren G. Harding made-up Normalcy
Two Italians - Symbolic of the 'red scare' Nicola Sacco and Bartolommeo Vanzetti
Gov. of Mass. - put down a police strike in Boston Calvin Coolidge
Name given to the 1920's Roaring Twenties
The Immigration Act of 1921 went back to this census 1910
The Immigration Act of 1924 went back to this census 1890
These two naval vessels were not limited by the disarmament conference of the 1920's Submarines and Aircraft Carriers
Created by: mossa
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