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Peterson Test 2 Nik

Henry George in Progress and Poverty urged Americans to adopt a single tax on the value of land. 3
"The term ""Crime of 1873"" refers to " the removal of the United States from the silver standard.4
______ did not restrict immigrants legal barriers to practicing one's religion 7
the _____elections was significant because the results showed a marked shift of the electorate to the right 1980 12
The basis for the War Powers Act was Congress's duty under the Constitution to declare war. 13
Henry Kissinger used shuttle diplomacy during Gerald Ford's administration to try to ease tensions between Israel and Egypt. 15
these social trends disturbed conservatives in the 1970s "abortion rights. the sexual revolution. drug culture. And the women's rights movement. 19"
The ruling in Gideon v. Wainwright established the right to counsel to represent a defendant. 22
The purpose of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act was to "a. balance the budget. 23 "
a Member of the Religious Right would be least likely to support the "rainbow coalition"? Because a rainbow coalition wants equal rights for everyone including gays and Latinos, a Member of the Religious Right would oppose that. 25
The collapse of communism in the Soviet Union was foretold by what Containment 26
The most notable element in the election of 1988 was "that the outcome owed as much to media management as it did to the policy differences between Bush and Dukakis. 27"
"A budgetary problem that defied presidents' efforts at reform in the latter part of the twentieth century was " "Social Security. 28"
"The election of 1888 was significant, because " it was the first time Republicans campaigned for a high protective tariff. 32
the ______was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court Line-item veto of the budget 33
"The settlement house movement in the United States was begun by " "Jane Addams. 34"
______ was NOT a cause for the end of open-range cattle ranching Attacks by Native Americans 36
The Populist Party in 1892 attempted to build a coalition with _______ The urban working class 38
______used the camera to study human movement in order to paint realistic pictures Thomas Eakins 43
"""Every diplomat a salesman"" best describes U.S. foreign policy under which president? " William Howard Taft 56
Men who were illiterate including African Americans were not called up for duty in _____ WW1 62
All of the following nations were created as a result of the Treaty of Versailles "Austria. Poland. Czechoslovakia. and Yugoslavia 63"
the ______doomed the Treaty of Versailles to rejection by the Senate Inclusion of the League of Nations 64
_________ was not an arguments used to support the imposition of restrictions on immigration in the 1920s With the frontier closed, the nation will fill up too quickly if unrestricted immigration continues. 66
the ______ was not an example of the cultural conflict of the 1920s the Harlem Renaissance 69
A coalition of urban working-class and unhappy farmers helped _______ gain the presidency Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 70
these groups did NOT benefit from the boom times of the 1920s Union members and small farmers 71
The purpose of the Bonus Army's march to Washington was to "ask Congress to pay out the World War I bonus early. 77"
Latinos (did or did not) fight in segregated units under white officers did not 90
the purpose of GATT 1947 is It reduced tariffs among member nations worldwide. 94
The Truman Doctrine is significant, because it staked out a role for the United States in fighting communism around the world. 95
______ did not support Truman in the election of 1948 Dixiecrats 98
Americans did not support the _______ Sacco and Vanzetti trial 99
Rock-and-roll was influenced mainly by Rhythm and blues 103
the ______ did not began in the 1960s "the African-American civil rights movement. 106"
Television did not greatly influenced public opinion when _________ Sputnik was launched. 107
_______ was not a leader of the struggle for African American civil rights Ralph Ellison. 108
The election of 1968 was significant because it indicated a decline in the appeal of the liberal agenda for many Americans. it 115
________________ is a correct statement about President Nixon's response to stagflation He used his presidential authority to impose wage and price controls 117
______ found support among the silent majority Richard Nixon 120
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