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Global Studies2H

Global Studies2 Honors

official policies that forced Black south africans to live in separate areas and use separate facitities from white south africans Aparthied
the study of maps and mapmaking cartography
areas that are completely surrounded by another region enclave
an area separated from the rest of a country by the terriroty of other countries exclave
a process of settlement by successive groups of people in which each group creates a distinctive cultural landscape sequent occupance
a widespread shortage of food famine
the study of weather meterology
a city that ranks first and dominates a country in terms of population and economy primate city
a sea of sand created by high, shifting sand dunes erg
a gravel covered plain in a desert area reg
dry steambeds that fill with water only after rainfall wadi
areas of tropical grasslands scattered trees and shrubs savannas
rivers that begin in humid regions and then flow across dry areas exotic river
region made up of different places that are linked and function as a unit functional region
regions that reflect human feelings and sttitudes perceptual region
shortest route between any two places on the planet great-circle route
religions that seek followers all over the world universalizing religions
graphs showing the percentages of males and females by age group in a country's population population pyramid
the average number of people living in a area population density
the belief in only one god; pharaoh of egypt, Amenhotep, believe only in sun god monotheism
the belief in many gods; believed by egyptians and sumerians polytheism
zhou rulers believed that the God of Heaven determined who should rule China. When rebels overthrew the dynasty in china, they claimed they lost this. mandate of heaven
grandson of genghis khan. they conquered the rest of china-part of southeast asia and whats now called Tibet. tried to capture Japan but failed. (1215-1294) first emporer of mongol dynasty kublai khan
disease carried on fleas and rates. rat-extermination programs brought disease under control bubonic plague
used mostly during middle ages for church architecture. heavy domed stoned roof-little or no windows romanesque architecture
named after barbarian goths - large stain glass windows gothic architecture
scholars believed he was the first to use movable type to print books. used it to print copies of the Bible johannes guttenberg
king at age four. age 9 he had to flee paris. directly involved in the operations of the government. louis XIV
louis XIV built a palace here, 9 miles outside of paris, moved government here and capital here versialles
given huge estates with large farms set up on them conquistadors
british settles here in 1607, now known as virginia. first permanent english settlement jamestown
supported parliment included puritans and other non anglican protestants, named after close haircuts of puritan soldiers roundheads
massive exchange of goods between the new and old world columbian exchange
slave trade in the atlantic; exchange of goods for slaves triangular trade
second stage - shipment of slaves across the atlantic to the americas middle passage
stated that a country's government should do all it could to increase the country's wealth mercantilism
henry VIII caused outbreak between england and roman catholic church protestant reformation
monk priest and teacher, quit law school for monastery. reveived a revelation. developed beliefs that soon became lutheranism martin luther
statements about indulgences, luther posted these on a church door 95 thesis
italian scientist, helped confirm copernicus' new understanding of the universe galileo
1452-1519 - architect, engineer, painter, sculptor, and scientist. created "The Last Supper" & "Mona Lisa" leonardo de vinci
had many wives separated egland from roman catholic empire henry VIII
used monarchy and parliment to prevent conflict. never married. "virgin queen" elizabeth I
science and math came upon everyone at this time enlightment
english scientist, published a book on the work of copernicus, kepler, and galileo issac newton
english philosopher. believed in private property and was against taxation without representation john locke
lived through the civil war. 1651 - leviathan. believed that people should rule themselves, they choose a leader to rule over them. thomas hobbes
weak ruler, married to marie-antionette at young age. BEHEADED louic XVI
"earth-centered" belief that the sun and all other planets moved around the earth geocentric theory
daughter of austrain empress, marie theresea. most hated woman in france. october 1793 - BEHEADED marie-antoinette
september 1793 - july 1794, against the nobility and anyone suspected of disloyalty reign of terror
allied and french armies met here on june 18, 1815. napoleon defeated here in 1815 waterloo
island that napoleon retired to, off the west coast of italy elba
second island napoleon was sent to. lonely island in the south atlantic - napoleon dies here st. helena
glorification of armed strength militarism
refer's to love of ones country rather than ones native region nationalism
political party, relied on dictatorship and totarlitarianism. opposed to communism fascism
general which led falangist rebels - called themselves nationalists fransisco franco
extreme nationalistic, anti-semitic and anticommunist. formed by hitler nazi party
nazis forced jews to live in separate neighbors called this. ghetto
1) the profession of faith 2) 5 daily prayers 3) paying Zakat 4) fasting during holy month of ramaelen 5) making a pilgrimage at least once; if possible. pillars of islam
apprentice -> journeyman -> master stages of guild training
page -> squire -> knight stages of knighthood
world's greatest master pieces were made. artists used perspective to make their paintings more lifelike renaissance art
republic government, 1799 -> dictatior of france. his work in government had a more lasting affect. napoleonic code -> french laws. emporer. sent to two different islands napoleon
1805, vice admiral who led a british fleet and defeated french and spanish off the coast of spain horatio nelson
burning/destroying crops and everything else the grand army might need scorched earth policy
formed the nazi party, became dictator of germany, commited suicide adolf hitler
plantation owners bought slaves to pick cotton and other crops. treated badly most the time slavery in america
people against royals and nobles -> war breaks out -> women's march and september massacre french revolution
british, france, and russia vs. germany, italy, and austria world war 1
first facists party in italy, italian prime minister, hung by feet mussolini
plan for germany -> two front war, invade france to get stronger then concentrate on russia schlieffen plan
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