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NHJH Civics

Judicial Branch to Bill of Rights

freedom of speech the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion
Bill of Rights the ten amendments protecting citizens’ rights
freedom of the press media outlets can run a story criticizing the President
arms Amendment 2 deals with the right of people to carry these
freedom of petition Amendment 1 allows for this right of asking for changes in government
freedom of religion to practice one's religion or exercise one's beliefs without intervention by the government
original jurisdiction right of a court to hear a case first
appeal request for a higher court to review a case
justice another name for a judge
opinion the decision of a judge
suffrage the right to vote
prosecution the institution and carrying on of legal proceedings against a person
nine number of justices on the Supreme Court
dissenting opinion Supreme Court justices who disagree with a ruling can write this
Congress the formal amendment process starts here
First Amendment this protects the five basic individual freedoms
Ninth Amendment states that citizens' rights are not limited to those listed in the Constitution
Tenth Amendment reads that powers not listed in the Constitution belong to the states or people
interpret it is the job of the courts to do this to the laws
state legislatures amendments must be ratified by these groups
Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizures
Miranda arrested individuals are now read their ________ rights
republican Article IV reads that states can have a ______ form of government; this means they can have state leaders as well as federal leaders.
parties People on both sides of a court case can be referred to as the ______.
Supreme Court the court that is the supreme court of the land
appeals the main job of the Supreme Court is to serve as the last or final court of ________.
Tinker In ________ vs. Des Moines, it was ruled that students had a right to exercise free speech by wearing armbands to protest the Vietnam War.
punishment The Eight Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens from cruel and unusual _____.
amend to change
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