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Czars of Russia

For test

Peter the Great was co-czar with who? His half brother Ivan.
What does co-czar mean? Partly a czar.
What were things Peter the Great learned in Russia? Build a stone house, cobble shoes, pull teeth, casting cannons, and sailing.
Peter the Great wasn't all great. What were some bad things he did? Roasted people alive, cut off people's heads, and left heads to rot as a message to others.
St. Petersburg is called 'City of Bones' because... So many people died while making it.
Vladimir was not a czar; he was a/an... Autocrat.
An autocrat is... Somebody who rules with complete power.
Why didn't Vladimir chose Judaism? Because the people were dispersed throughout the world.
Why didn't Vladimir chose Roman Catholic? Because it beheld no glory.
Why didn't Vladimir chose Islam? It prohibits drinking. "Drinking is the joy of the Russians" - Vladimir
What were effects of Vladimir choosing Eastern Orthodox? Isolated Russia form Europe It did help unify Russians Conflict with Poland because they were Roman Catholic Provoked western ideas
When did Ivan III (Ivan the Great) take power? 1462.
What is Ivan III (Ivan the Great) known for? Creating Russia today.
Catherine the Great wasn't Russian. What was she? German
What was Catherine the Great's real name? Sophie (of Anhalt-Zerbst)
Who was Catherine the Great's husband? Peter of Holstein
How did Peter of Holstein die? He died in a drunken brawl. (Probably set up by Catherine)
Who is a serf? A farmer who is bought and sold as part of a piece of land.
Who is Gregory Potemkin? Catherine's closest friend and adviser. Catherine built him a palace.
Catherine the Great wasn't pretty, she was... Smart and Powerful.
How long did Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) rule? 51 years.
What happened in Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible)'s childhood? His dad died and his mom died from poisoning.
Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) was forced to live with boyars. Who are boyars? Boyars are rich, Russian people.
Who was the first officially crowned czar? Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible)
What did Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) do that made him so terrible? □ Executed many who opposed him □ Ordered thousands of his own people in Novgorod to be killed (1570)
Created by: stacyz
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