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King Arthur

King Arthur Key Characters and Places

Crystal Cave Cave where Merlin went after he had taught Arthur all he could, Merlin stayed here for the rest of his life and could watch what was happening to Arthur
Vortigern British King, had brought Saxons to Britain, built castle in mountains where Merlin saw his first prophesy
Red and White Dragons Red- Vortigern, White- Aurelius, they came out of pool under Vortigern's half-built castle and fought. Merlin prophesized from this that Aurelius would overrun Vortigern but leave the country in pain
Aurelius High King of Britain and Uther's brother, Merlin used his powers as a request to build Stonehenge as monument for him
Stonehenge Aurelius' grave at which Merlin had brought heavy stones to build
Uther Arthur's biological father who conceived Arthur with Gorlois' wife and then gave the baby to Merlin to raise. Also High King of Britain when Aurelius died.
Tintagel The castle at which Arthur was conceive at by Igrayne and Uther
Gorlois Igrayne's first husband and the Duke of Cornwall, stayed at Dimilioc castle and was killed by seige when he went to see Igrayne on night that Uther snuck into Tintagel
Sword in the Stone It was proclaimed that whoever pulled it out would be the new king. No knights could pull it out and then effortlessly Arthur pulled it out when he needed a sword for Kay. Arthur then became king.
Hector and Kay Arthur's foster father and brother who he was brought to to grow up with when he was an infant. THey lived in South Wales.
Igrayne Arthur's mother and the mother of Morgan and Morgause. She was sad to give up Arthur when Merlin wated to take him.
Morgan le Fay Arthur's sister who loved her father (Gorlois) and didn't like Arthur and Uther. She cursed Arthur, killed Uther. and poisoned Arthur's drink to make him have sex with Morgause.
Excalibur The word that Arthur got at the lake that could cut iron and steel and couldn't break; Arthur had to return it to the lake before he died.
Morgause Arthur's other sister that he slept with and conceived Mordred with when he was poisoned. Morgause married king Lot before that happened.
Camelot Arthur's castle and home of the Round Table, built just before Arthur married Guineveve. Location of the tournament to decide who sat at Round Table.
Round Table Made for Uther then returned to his son (Arthur). There was a tournament to find the best knights that would sit at the Table.
Lancelot and Elayne Lancelot was a very good knight. Elayne was Pelleam's (maimed King's) granddaughter. Lancelot and Elayne slept together and conceived Galahad who later healed the king, made the wasteland whole, and received the Holy Grail
Castle Perilous Pelleam (maimed king's) castle where Galahad was conceived. The castle crumbled and maimed Pelleam
Holy Grail The cup that Christ drank from at Last Supper. It was received by Galahad after he healed the maimed king and made the wasteland whole again.
Mordred Arthur and Morgause's son. He hated King Arthur, told people that he was dead, and took the throne for himself.
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