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C&E Chapter 2 Review

Colonies & Revolution

List the three geographic regions of British colonies. Southern, Middle and New England
Which region used the plantation system for farming, relying on slave labor? Southern
Which region depneded on shipbuilding? New England
What was the name of the route taken by slaves from Africa to the Americas? Middle Passage
Which colony was founded by James Oglethorpe as a refuge for debtors and a military outpost against the Spanish in Florida? Georgia
Which colony was founded by John Winthrop and the Purtains? Massachusetts Bay
Which colony was founded by Roger Williams and allowed religious tolerance? Rhode Island
Which document introduced the idea of limited government, by restricting the power of the king and granting nobles’ the right to trial by jury? Magna Carta
This was the first permanent English settlement. It was founded in 1607 by the VA Company searching for gold. Jamestown
William Penn and the ______________ formed Pennsylvania. This religious group practiced tolerance, pacifism, and dealt fairly with Indians. Quakers
This colony was formed by Lord Baltimore for the Catholics. They passed a Toleration Act allowing differences in religious beliefs. Maryland
What was the first representative legislature in the colonies? Formed in Jamestown, it was the beginning of self-government in America. House of Burgesses
What was the written plan of government drawn up by the Plymouth colonists? It formed a direct democracy. Mayflower Compact
What is the term for England's system of law that is based on court decisions rather than regulations written by law makers? Common Law
He was an English philosopher that developed the idea of natural rights and social contract theory which influenced Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. John Locke
A French philosopher that believed in separation of powers by dividing government into three branches establishing a system of checks and balances. Montesquieu
Theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys. Mercantalism
Forbid the colonist from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation of 1763
This war caused Britain to begin taxing the colonists to pay off its war debts. French and Indian War
Plan for a permanent union of the colonies under one representative government proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. It eventually served as a model for the government that formed after the revolution. Albany Plan of Union
Slogan created by James Otis colonists believed British taxes were unfair because they did not have any representatives in Parliament. It led to a boycott that eventually helped lead to the act being repealed. “No Taxation Without Representation”
Passed by Parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party- closed the Boston Harbor and restricted colonist’s rights including the right to a trial by jury. Intolerable/Coercive Acts
Who was the first casualty of the war? He was killed during the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks
First battles of the Revolutionary War- “shot heard round the world.” Lexington and Concord
Who made a famous ride to alert the minuetmen that the British were coming? Paul Revere
A pamphlet published by Thomas Paine calling for complete independence from Great Britain. Common Sense
A justification for the American Revolution can be found in which historical document? Declaration of Independence
Which committee appointed Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence? Second Continental Congress
Which section of the Declaration of Idependence describes the wrongs committed against the colonists by King George III? It is the largest section. List of Grievances
Who was president of the Second Continental Congress, and the first member to sign the Declration of Independence? His signature is the largest. John Hancock
Although, most members signed the Declaration of Independence on August 2, which date to we celebrate for the documents approval? July 4, 1776
A peace agreement between the US and Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War. Treaty of Paris
What name was given to the colonists that supported the war? Patriots
This Battle was actually fought on Breed's Hill. Although, a defeat it was important proving the colonists could stand up against the British. Bunker Hil
Why was the Second Battle of Saratoga a major turning point for the American cause. Which European country officially recognized our independence and began giving us supplies and soldiers? France
Where did Washington's forces suffer heavy casualties due to food shortages and cold? Valley Forge
Where did the British under General Cornwallis surrender? Yorktown
What was the name of the "Lost Colony"? Roanoke
What is the term for the peaceful transfer of power in 1688, when Parliament replaced King James II with his daughter and son-in-law? It showed that the Parliament was stronger than the king. Glourious Revolution
Who was the leader of Jamestown, who trades with Chief Powhatan to get supplies? John Smith
Which colony was founded by the Dutch as New Netherlands, but later taken by the British and given by the king to his brother? New York
These people agreed to work for up to seven years in exchange for their passage to America. Indentured Servants
What cash crop grown by John Rolfe finally made the Jamestown colony profitable? Tobacco
Who was the first child of English parents to be born on American soil? Virginia Dare
Locke and Montesquieu are part of this movement, which believed that reason and science could improve society. Enlightenment
The colonists’ victory was a major turning point because it encouraged Europe to aid the revolution, including formal recognition of American independence. Second Battle of Saratoga
Washington’s forces suffered major losses due to bitter cold and food shortages while camped here. Valley Forge
Washington famously crossed the Delaware River to attack the British forces stationed in these New Jersey cities. Trenton & Princeton
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